Benefits of Doing Startup Internships During College

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Benefits of Doing Startup Internships During College

If you are a college student and you are looking for internships, then startup internships are a good and suitable option for you. 

Recently, there is an Entrepreneurship wave going on in India. There are a large number of youngsters who have started up their own business usually known as start-ups. And for young college going students, doing startup internships can be very beneficial for them.

You must be thinking of applying to many big companies for internships or some of you have already applied in the big companies. Interning in big firms like- Google, Microsoft and many more will look good and fancy on your resume. But doing or going for internships in a startup company may not look good and fancy on your resume, but there are a lot of things which these internships can provide you.

Trust the process, working for a startup company that may not have a brand name might leave you in a moment of doubt once, but surely it will pay off with the experience you will gain. The best part about interning in a startup company is that they provide real life experience that helps an individual in his or her further job or business.

Another part about these internships is that they treat interns as any other employee in the company. An intern can be an asset for these start-ups and hence treatment like existing employees of the company.

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of doing start-ups internships during your college time. Listed below are some of the benefits which can provide students with great knowledge and experience.

So, let’s start with the benefits: –

Better Chance of Getting Selected as An Intern

There are a lot of college going students that apply to big companies, but only few of them apply to start-ups. Because of the high number of applications in big companies there are a lot of students who do not get selected and feel disappointed.

In a big company, a student who gets selected may be treated only as an ‘intern’. However, a start-up company is more flexible in terms of candidate selection. If you make the right impression of what you can offer for the startup company, there are higher and better chances of getting selected as an intern.

Real Responsibilities

For a startup, each and every second is important for them. Their time and resources are extremely valuable. This ultimately will affect your role in the company. In startup companies, they treat interns as their team mates or team members. There is no discrimination between the employees and interns within the company.

This means that an individual will be working on real projects and problems in the company. Many of the students may feel pressured, but working with a team of experts and helping them to find out actual results will automatically give you a lot of insight into the real responsibilities and real experience in dealing with the completion of the projects and its management. 

This will definitely give you a very good experience of how real responsibilities are completed and will definitely help you in procuring your first job.

You Will Learn: From Everyone & Everything

Interning at a startup company is all about learning everything and from everyone you could. This means that all in all, you will learn about how companies or organizations work & how to improve your work. In a startup company, everyone is treated equally and everyone learns from each other. Generally, startups have smaller teams, which will keep you closer on how companies are started and how they work.

You will get to know about all the business functions that companies perform. Another main thing about startup companies is that there is absolutely no hierarchy, which means that everyone is equal. Also, they are open to feedback and encourage interns to share new ideas. These all things will provide you with a great learning experience from everyone and everything in a startup company.

Networking Opportunities

In a startup company, you will definitely get an opportunity for networking. You will meet so many talented people who are just starting something new. This means that you will get a chance to build up great contacts. Why do startup companies have better networking opportunities?

The answer to this question is that generally a startup company has fewer members in their team, or has a smaller number of employees, which will give you a chance to know each & every person. And hence, these people can become your friends or mentors or business contacts for your future.

This means that whatever your work you do in the startup company, you will get to know even the owner or founder of the company closely because of the limited members. Also, because of the friendly environment, you will become comfortable and will surely make great friends which in turn can help you build up a great career with their networks.

These people will surely teach and guide you with the future opportunities. And hence, you will have great networks for your future.

Trying Out Multiple Paths

There are many students who are not sure about what they want to pursue after college. But once they start searching for startup internships, and secure one, they will have a clear idea of what they need to do. This is because there are no orders or rules of work in a startup. It’s all about experimenting and innovating new techniques and ways.

Being a part of a startup company means that you have access to employees from each & every department of the company, which you want to explore. This means that you will get an opportunity to try out multiple paths that you didn’t previously know anything about. 

Since there is nothing which is tested and tried, you have the power resting in your hands. And hence you can try out various paths in an organization which will help you to know about what you want to pursue after your college.