How to Build a Career in Content Writing? ​

Career in Content Writing

How to Build a Career in Content Writing?

Content Writing is basically about writing content to target a specific audience. A career in Content Writing is all about creating engaging and user-friendly content. Content Writing is all about creating content that is informative or even sometimes enjoyable.

Everything today is available online. When you search about something and a list of web pages appear in your search engine, have you ever thought about who wrote the content on these web pages? Every content that is available on the web is created by content writers. Content writing can be done for website content, blogs, video content, or any other type of content that is published online or through digital platforms, or through the internet.

Eligibility to Become a Content Writer

There are no particular education requirements for becoming a content writer. Any person who has the knowledge to write can become a content writer. However, those who wish to become a successful content writers and want to start their career. The candidate must:-

  1. The candidate must have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in Journalism or Literature.

But any other degree holder is also eligible for becoming a content writer.

How to Become a Content Writer

Those who want to make a career in content writing, mentioned below are some steps or career paths you can follow to become a successful content writer:-

  1. Pursue a Course in Writing or Mass Media or Journalism
  2. Explore Internships or Freelancing or Part-Time Projects
  3. Start your own Blog
  4. Explore Career Opportunities (such as jobs)

Skills Required For Becoming a Content Writer

Mentioned below are a set of skills that are required for becoming a content writer. These types of skills are specifically required for content writers:-

  1. Excellent Writing Skills
  2. Research Skills
  3. Originality
  4. Content Formatting
  5. Content Editing Skills
  6. Adaptability Skills
  7. Communication Skills
  8. Time Management Skills

Types of Content Writing

There are many types of content writing that are available. Even a person can specialize in a particular field. Let’s look at the following:-

  1. Travel Writing (Travelogs, blogs, magazine articles, interviews)
  2. Blog Writing (Blogs, articles, research, interviews)
  3. Email Writing (e-mails, newsletters, campaigns)
  4. Copywriting (product descriptions, copy ads, website copy, sales collateral)
  5. Social Media Content (social media posts, PR articles, infographics, captions)
  6. Academic Writing (e-books, school and university guides)
  7. Ghostwriting (White papers, e-books, website content, etc.)
  8. White Papers (Hardcore educational or statistical content)
  9. Script Writing (video scripts, captions, descriptions)
  10. Research Papers (research journals, magazines, etc.)

Content Writing Courses

There are many types of content writing courses available, but some of them are listed below:-

  • The Digital Academy 360
  • Education and Career Times or ECT
  • The Indian Institute for E-commerce & Digital Marketing, or IIEDM

Online Certificate Courses

  1. The Strategy of Content Marketing – University of California, Davis
  2. Good with Words: Writing and Editing – University of Michigan
  3. Content Strategy for Professionals – Northwestern University

Employment Sector of Content Writers

In almost every sector, a content writer can work. However, some of the demanding sectors in which a content writer can work are:-

  1. Education Industry
  2. Marketing Sectors
  3. Staffing & Recruitment Industries
  4. Travel & Tourism Industry
  5. Advertisement Sector
  6. Healthcare Industry
  7. Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes

Salary Package

Salary package of content writers is not high. They earn minimal salary. However, the salary package depends upon many factors such as- prior experience, organization, state or city in which a candidate is working etc. The average basic salary of a content writer ranges from Rs.10000 per month to Rs.50000 per month. However, salary may increase or not increase with experience.

Top Recruiters

The following recruiters are the top ones. However, there are many small firms that offer content writing services and hire candidates for the same.

  1. Thoughtful Minds
  2. Uprite
  3. Write Right
  4. My Writing Master
  5. Coffeegraphy

If you are further interested in knowing more about this topic and want to seek some expert help, Contact:-

Sunanda Rao, Career Counselor