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Rinel Rodrigues Associate Director, TresVista

1.What measures has TresVista taken to foster a positive work environment and support its employees’ well-being? Providing an environment that catalyzes our employees’ long-term success is a crucial part of TresVista’s culture and operational structure. We have a hybrid work structure where employees can choose 2 days out of the week to work from home. […]

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In with the New : Haresh Awatramani, CEO, Beehive

In this interview, Haresh Awatramani, the CEO of Beehive, talks about trends in the leadership hiring post-pandemic era. Beehive is one of the fast-emerging leaders in providing companies with Cloud-based or On-premise HRMS software that lists out several highly effective features to run HR functions efficiently. The software encompasses key features like Attendance, Leave, Recruitment, Travel, PMS, Payroll, Task […]