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Top 7 Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs of 2023

In 2023, the field of engineering experienced a dynamic shift, driven by technological advancements and societal needs, resulting in certain engineering professions commanding high salaries. Here are the top seven highest-paying engineering jobs of 2023: 1. Petroleum Engineer With the global demand for energy rising, petroleum engineers remained top earners due to their expertise in […]

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Job Alert: Mental Health Specialists in India

Job Outlook and Career Opportunities Are you passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives? Do you have a deep understanding of mental health and a desire to help individuals achieve emotional well-being? If so, a career as a Mental Health Specialist might be the perfect fit for you. India is witnessing a growing […]

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What to expect from Aaveg Graduate Management Trainee Program

The 12 months Aaveg graduate management trainee programme is designed to provide young graduates with a structured series of rotations across our core business in areas such as Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Digital Marketing, ETS, CRD Operations and reservation desk

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The Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month programme, in its 7th year aims to build next-generation leaders, with a focus on the new profile of leadership required in today’s world of work It offers a unique opportunity to become the India CEO for One Month under the direct supervision of the Adecco India CMD Vidya Sagar Gannamani […]