Value of a Letter of Recommendation from Your Internship

Letter of Recommendation

Value of a Letter of Recommendation from Your Internship

There are various documents that an individual has to collect for his or her job application. And one of these documents, a letter of recommendation from your internship, can be a very valuable document.

A Letter of Recommendation from your internship can be a very good asset for your job application. And hence, this document- LOR can show how much you were successful in your internship and how much your internship will help you in your career.

Why is a letter of recommendation from your internship so valuable? What is the hype about having a letter of recommendation? So, if you want to know about a LOR and its value, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, you will get to know about what is a LOR and what is the value of a letter of recommendation from your internship.

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What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation describes a person’s skills and qualifications as they relate to employment or education. A LOR is a letter which is written by an individual who recommends someone’s academic performance or work performance. It is generally for a person who is a recruiter or hiring manager or admissions officer who is responsible for deciding whether to admit a candidate or to employ a specific candidate.

These letters of recommendations typically come from previous colleagues, professors, teachers, employers or clients.

Generally, a LOR discusses the capabilities and qualities that make the candidate a good fit for a given school program, college or position in a company.

Letter of recommendation gives an employer a deeper insight into a candidate’s background and helps him or her to know about the candidate’s areas of specialization, strengths and capabilities as well. The LOR ensures that you leave a good impression on the recruiter of your personality. And hence, a LOR is very important for a candidate.

In this article, we are specifically focusing on letters of recommendation from your internship. And for a young graduate, an internship letter can be a very good opportunity to grab the best job or best university for further studies amongst others. Your LOR will include your skills, achievements, qualifications, capabilities and what value you brought to the company. And also, your weakness if any.

Value of Letter of Recommendation from Your Internship

As mentioned above, a LOR from your internship can be very valuable. In this section of the article, you will learn about why your letter of recommendation is so valuable for you. Also, letters of recommendation are not given to everyone. If you want it, you can ask about it from your manager or head. Also, if you don’t want to ask about it, you should work hard at your internship, and successfully get the letter of recommendation from your respected sir or mam.

So, let’s start with why your internship letter of recommendation is so valuable: –

1.Validation from Industry

Generally, a letter of recommendation is written by a professional. He or she can be a HR manager or reporting manager of the company in which you were an intern. When your letter of recommendation comes directly from the professional, it comes with an assurance of quality work.

This is because your manager has a lot of experience in his or her work, and their words mean a lot to other recruiters. Also, a person who is already working in the industry with years of experience will give more importance to the same level of professional rather than a teacher or a professor.

The main reason behind this is that a professional knows what kind of skills are required for a specific kind of work or job for the success of an individual as well as the company. And hence, a letter of recommendation acts as recognition or validation from the industry.

2. A Letter Builds Your Credibility

This means that a LOR gives an assurance or builds up the quality of being trusted & believed in. This LOR is proof of your excellent skills, work experience and your accomplishments. When an employer or recruiter sees that a LOR is attached with the resume, he or she directly skips the letter without reading your resume.

This is because your LOR provides in depth knowledge or information that is not on your resume. And hence, a LOR is very valuable for you and shows your credibility.

3. An Advantage Over Your Competitors

A LOR can be an advantage over your peers or competitors because it gives a surety to the recruiter or employer that the candidate has done some solid work in his or her internship.

Many students do internships because it is compulsory for the college records, & don’t take their internships seriously. If you get a letter of recommendation from your internship, it is a very good advantage for you and your career. And it is an advantage over your competitors and peers.

4. Help in Increasing Job Prospects

A LOR is considered a valuable asset of a candidate. This is because this letter will help you to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors. This LOR will help you to show your unique and best side to your future recruiter.

Reading about how you are apprised by the past professor, authority or past employer, will create an image in front of the employer. This image will help you to increase your job prospects. This LOR will ensure you to at least reach till the interview stage.

5. Accommodation with Applications for Higher Education

A letter of recommendation can be also useful in accommodation with applications to higher education. You must be thinking that a LOR is only helpful for your job that you will apply for after your graduation.

However, this LOR is also useful in applications for higher education or post-graduation courses like- MA, MS, MBA & even P.hD. The LOR includes all the information regarding your skills, your attitude, your aptitude, your capabilities and many more, which directly and indirectly help increase your chances for selection in a university or college.

NOTE:- LOR (Letter Of Recommendation)

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