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Unveiling Your Ideal Career: Decoding the Holland Code for Personalized Professional Fulfillment with Sunanda Rao’s Guidance

To ensure your career aligns seamlessly with your personality and interests, consider uncovering your Holland Code. This code, derived from a self-assessment, identifies your primary characteristics among six personality types—realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Understanding your Holland Code not only fosters self-awareness but also guides you towards a fulfilling professional life. Exploring the […]

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Crafting Career Fulfillment: Navigating Job Satisfaction Through Holland’s Career Codes

Recognizing job satisfaction or dissatisfaction often hinges on our fundamental work interests—those activities we enjoy, regardless of industry or job title. Aligning our careers with these core interests is key to finding fulfillment at work. For instance, individuals inclined towards science may not thrive in roles requiring quick decisions or gut-based judgments, just as artistic […]

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AI’s Role in Revolutionizing User Experience Design

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on design is a topic of ongoing discussion, with concerns about job displacement and the role of designers in an increasingly automated world. While robotics and AI are predicted to replace numerous jobs, the realm of design appears to be relatively safe, at least in the near future. Contrary to initial […]

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Harmony in Pixels: Embracing the Synergy of Design and AI

I met Maya yesterday, she came from bustling world of design, a talented student, but unfortunately she was confused. Passionate about her pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Design, Maya found herself entangled in the web of concerns about the future—specifically, the looming influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on design careers. Worried about the prospects of […]

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Our world is data-driven, but where does this wealth of information come from?

Data, in its raw form, is unprocessed information or facts presented in numbers, text, or multimedia. It serves as the backbone of modern information management, playing pivotal roles across various industries and demanding a unique skill set. This article aims to explore the realm of data entry, shedding light on what it entails, the types […]

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Unlocking the Job Profile: A Guide to Its Importance and Effective Utilization for Landing Your Dream Job

A job profile, often referred to as a job description, acts as a crucial link between employers and job seekers, offering a roadmap for both parties. Let’s delve into understanding what a job profile is, its importance, and effective tips for utilizing it to secure your desired job. Defining a Job Profile A job profile, […]

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Astrophysicists and Aerospace Engineers: Shaping the Skies

The understanding of lunar geology is fundamental for astrophysicists, who seek to discover the moon’s composition, surface features and geological origins. Through analysis of its samples and data, they may also identify potential resources and make groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Chandrayaan-3 seeks to explore the lunar geology and formation processes, look into the possible existence of […]

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KL Deemed to be University Ph.D. Scholar Receives New Investigator Travel Award for 2023

New Delhi, July 2023: KL Deemed to be University is delighted to announce that Lakshmi Sowmya Emani, a Ph.D. scholar in the Department of Biotechnology, has been selected to receive the prestigious New Investigator Travel Award for 2023. This remarkable achievement is a testament to her exceptional research under the guidance of Dr. Jagannatha Rao, […]

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Rinel Rodrigues Associate Director, TresVista

1.What measures has TresVista taken to foster a positive work environment and support its employees’ well-being? Providing an environment that catalyzes our employees’ long-term success is a crucial part of TresVista’s culture and operational structure. We have a hybrid work structure where employees can choose 2 days out of the week to work from home. […]