How To Tell If Your Internship Will Be a Success


How To Tell If Your Internship Will Be a Success

When you get selected for an internship, you have some questions in mind like- how will I handle it? or will my work make an impression on others? or What new skills can I acquire? And many other questions. 

But as time passes you get clear answers of what you thought before joining the same internship. Managing your studies & workload at the same time, maybe quite difficult for you but you manage in some way or other.

When you have taken up an internship you only try to focus on work and try to acquire new skills. But have you ever thought of how to tell if your internship will be a success? How will you tell others that I got all that I wanted? Or how will you try to steal all hearts at your internship with your work? In short words, it is that little success that you get from your internship!

So, if you want to know about what is that ‘success from your internship’ then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will get to know about how you will tell others that your internship will be a success? So, if you are further interested, keep on reading the article.

So, let’s find out how to tell if your internship will be a success: –

1.Additional Responsibility

If you have been loaded with additional responsibility or have taken up additional responsibility, then your internship is considered to be successful. If you have some other responsibility than you were assigned to do, it’s good news! There is a stereotype about interns that they are meant only for the work they have been assigned because of lack of knowledge or skills.

if you want to break this stereotype, if you are willing to show your manager or boss that you are capable of doing a lot more than you do now. And if you are successful in making him or her believe in you. And further if your work has made progress, and you have been given more responsibility, then you have literally made your internship a successful one.

2. Your Advice & Suggestions are Taken Seriously

Are you included in the meetings where everyone’s advice is taken under observation? And has your manager or boss have frequently included you in these meetings and are your advice and suggestions counted?

Then you surely have gained some trust from your employer. When your manager or boss actively involves you and values your inputs, it is a great sign of a successful internship.

This comes with great participation and great enthusiasm towards your work. This also means that your team mates, colleagues and your manager are liking your work, skills, inputs and enthusiasm. And hence, your internship success is full proof.

3. Love & Respect from All Sides of The Organization

Love & Respect from all sides of the organization means how much you receive love & respect from coworkers or colleagues and manager or boss or seniors. Coworkers or your colleagues will give you love & respect when you try to maintain a cold relationship with each of them.

You should try to maintain friendly & respectful relationships with your seniors or manager or boss & colleagues, which will help you to gain love & respect from your seniors or manager & coworkers. This can be the way in which they will remember you even after the internship is over.

Sometimes your enthusiasm, passion & hard work will also help you to gain love & respect from all sides of the organization. This is also an indicator that your internship will be a success.

4. Solution Seeker

Your mindset while doing an internship should be to solve problems that may arise and not only to report these problems to your manager or senior. In starting your internship, you may face some difficulties regarding your work, but once you are given proper guidance of work, you need to be your own solution seeker.

You need to have a practical mindset to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems on your own. Once you have reached this phase in which you are able to solve your issues without the help of your seniors or colleagues, your internship is successful.

It is also important from a professional point of view that your seniors & colleagues see you as a problem solver rather than someone who has only problems or complaints to report. This is a very important step in your internship, which will enhance your chances of completing your internship successfully without any problem.

5. Feedback

In a job or internship, feedback is a very important tool for an employee or intern. Feedback plays a huge role in shaping your internship. Feedback is important for an intern because it helps an individual to improve herself or himself. Both negative and positive feedback is important for an intern.

Without proper feedback, it is impossible to complete your internship properly. If you always get positive feedback from your employer or seniors, then you are on the right path to get successful in your internship. Also, if you get negative feedback from your employer or seniors, don’t lose your heart. Also, don’t think that you are not on the right path to get successful in your internship.

Take this feedback seriously and keep working on these feedbacks. Try to turn these negative feedbacks to positive ones and show everyone that you have a positive attitude towards your work and everything is possible for you.


It is not easy to complete your internship successfully. The main reason for getting successful in your internship is that you have to always remain motivated. You should never lose your hope and interest in the work you perform.

And for completing your internship successfully, there are some key points from which you can get to know if your internship is successful or not? These points are: –

Additional responsibility, Your Advices & Suggestions are Taken Seriously, Love & Respect from All Sides of The Organization, Solution Seeker, and Feedback (it is the more important part).

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