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types of journalism

There are many different types of journalism used depending on the topic. There are different types of journalism to learn that can help you decide what type you would prefer to work in. This blog will help you understand the different types of journalism and choose the ones you are interested in pursuing.

Types of Journalism

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism consists of television and radio, which reports information to the audience. Broadcast journalism content can range from news, sports, weather, traffic, and entertainment. Anything that comes on television and radio is your broadcasting news so this is called broadcast journalism.

Print Journalism

With Print Journalism being the most traditional type of Journalism, it is mainly concerned with the print of reporting news and related content through newspapers and magazines. When you talk about supplement brunch is print journalism.

Online Journalism

It is a broad category of cyber digital, it comes in online journalism. Online journalism gives information through internet media, such as digital newspapers, websites, blogs, or social media. It allows journalists to quickly deliver information to the public through online media without delays for print layout, processing, delivery, or broadcast time slots.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism includes researching a topic to expose evidence and deliver detecting of figures to a wider audience. It is really challenging and requires more time to plan, prepare and research, and is typically a larger form to fully report details of research, findings, and solutions. It is a form of print and broadcast media.

Political Journalism

Political journalism is all about in-depth knowledge of politics such as political leaders, policies, parties, political events, etc. Basically, it focuses on government, politics, and political candidates. It applies to print, digital, and broadcast media.

Crime Journalism

Crime Journalism is also known as watchdog journalism. Its research and write about criminal reports. They attend court hearings and conduct interviews as well. It helps ensure societal powers remain responsible for their actions. 

Business Journalism

It is also called trade journalism. The part of journalism that tracks, records, evaluates, and explains the business, economic and financial activities, and changes that take place in the community is called business journalism. They collect facts through interviews, research, and investigation. They write and conduct stories for news magazines, television, newspaper, or radio.

Sports Journalism

As a Sports Journalist, it focuses on the subject of athletic news. Sports journalists report scores, standings, and rankings for different teams in different sports events. You will get the opportunity to see the sports team up and close as well as hold the scope of the whole league.

Enterainment Journalism

Entertainment journalism is associated with the events of popular figures. It reports on the entertainment companies, including celebrities, movies, television, books, and events. You cover entertainment news for a publication or other news release.

Opinion Journalism

Opinion journalists report stories from their predictions, including their thinking or thoughts and favor. Opinion journalism is very different from other types because the writer can include their viewpoint also. Opinion journalism is useful in helping people understand their own opinions and values as well as to grow a real picture of reality when consuming reports from various perspectives.

Thus, we hope that this information has acquainted you with the different types of Journalism.

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