How freshers may avoid hurdles in the workplace
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How freshers may avoid hurdles in the workplace

Freshers at Work may think that they have an advantage over experienced workers because they are vital, young, easy to hire and generate new ideas for companies.

But then it dawned that they may be just a tad too young and inexperienced. While employers like to hire young and cost-effective candidates, they also look at the experience the candidates possess. 

Here are the biggest hurdles fresh grads face when applying for jobs and how to get over them.


Education is affordable for everyone, with student grants and scholarships taking the financial load off poor but deserving students. But unfortunately, a lot of pressure was put on students to attend good schools and get good grades to get a good job. 

Thus the number of degree holders has increased, causing more competition for the limited number of jobs available.

The prestige of graduating from a university with a perfect GPA has now become diluted. We can often see many students getting full marks. 

Now we hoard blood-thirsty graduates fighting for jobs. The need is more than just a degree to get the first job.

Accumulating work experience on a resume by interning for companies and aspired career fields. 

Aside from an internship, Volunteering in non-profit organisations or charities. Travelling overseas with a volunteer group to learn and assist in solving global issues. This allows graduates to experience a different culture and enhance their emotional intelligence and soft skills.

Jobs in business development, for example, require candidates to possess crucial “softer skills” like patience, determination, ability to think quickly and communicate effectively in challenging circumstances. As a result, certain employers are looking for such skills in interviewees before making a hiring decision.


The job posts on LinkedIn or, or another job portal, realise that most junior roles require at least 1-3 years of work experience. Of course, most students already know the importance of amassing internship experience during their school days. But with many students interning so aggressively, employers will not be easily impressed by the fact that they’ve been interning every holiday.

That does not discount the value of interning, though, mainly because a good internship can snag you a job offer before you graduate or gain some valuable contacts. Just make sure you’re getting practical work experience instead of sitting in front of your desk, pretending to look busy or following your boss to meetings.

The advantage of an internship is that organisations can often take them on a long-time basis, get more hands-on experience, and make some real dough instead of receiving a meagre intern’s pay.

Always keep in mind that jobs can lead to other jobs. You never know if the job you think is beneath you can lead you to the job you want. There’s always room to move up the company. So never be contended – always do more than you are asked to do.

 Value Add

You have to be good at something to contribute something of value to a company. This does not mean a fantastic skill for rushing a paper a day before its due date. Students with computer, technology and designing skills will always be highly demanded. Pick up these skills while you are still young, nimble and a student. Make full use of the student discount rate should you want to learn new skills or languages.

Interview Skills

During the job-hunting season, it’s become apparent that many fresh grads lack interview skills and have yet to perfect their resume writing abilities. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. First, employers will ask hard-hitting questions. Then, they like to bring you down and see how fast you can put yourself together and respond on your feet. 

So prepare yourself by writing a list of potential questions and prepare. 

Customise your answers ready to go when the questions are asked. 

Be prepared to provide examples of what you’ve listed on your resume.

The above blog will help the young graduates to avoid the hurldes for freshers at work.