How to Help Students Cope with Offline Classes after the Pandemic?

How to Help Students Cope with Offline Classes after the Pandemic?

As we all know, Covid-19 hit very hard, not only in our country but worldwide. Due to the pandemic, things changed completely. We all were locked in our homes. Offices were shut and started to work from home, schools were shut, and started online classes. In starting, online classes have been quite struggling for students.

But at the end of almost 2 years when the pandemic hit, students have become experts in online classes. Starting schools and offline classes has been a topic of discussion because it includes the safety of students. But now, by god’s grace, the situation is normal and schools are reopening in every region of the country.

Are students completely normal about offline classes? Or do they face any kind of problem in attending offline classes after the pandemic?

While many students are happy and excited about offline classes, there are many of them who are finding offline classes difficult. This is because after a period of almost 2 years, stepping out of comfort zones can be challenging for students as well as teachers and parents.

Things, will not remain as simple as they were post-pandemic. Students need support and love from all sides to cope with online classes after the pandemic.

This article is all about students and back to normal starting offline classes. In this article, we will discuss how to help students cope with offline classes after the pandemic. So, if you are further interested, keep on reading the article.

Challenges Faced By Students While Shifting From Online To Offline Classes

Before going up direct finding the solutions, let’s look at some of the challenges faced by students shifting from online to offline classes:-

  1. Adjusting In The Environment
  2. Socio-emotional Support
  3. Fear & Anxiety
  4. Restoring Routines

Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

1. Adjusting In the Environment

It has become quite difficult for students to adjust to the school environment after almost about 2 years of online classes. When students were at their homes, they just sat as they wished during the offline classes, they just ate whenever they wanted, played, and studied as they wished to.

from here, the problem starts, a school with a proper dress code, proper timings of lunch, fruit breaks and water breaks as well. Students have to sit at one place for 5-6 to 7 hours according to their respective class timings. So, it will be difficult for students to adjust to the environment.

2. Socio-emotional Support

It is very important for students to develop their socio-emotional support. Socio-emotional skills refer to the integrative process through which students acquire the capacity to experience, understand, express, and manage their own emotions and even to develop meaningful relationships with others.

It is the responsibility of schools and teachers to rebuild students’ social skills. This is because they are back to school after almost 2 years.

3. Fear & Anxiety

As so many people died due to Covid-19, and the mass spread of it, parents may have a sense of fear and anxiety about sending their children to school. Maintaining safety at school will also be a challenge for the school authorities.

It is important for students to follow covid appropriate behavior such as washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. This fear and anxiety could be more for the parents whose children are in primary classes.

4. Restoring Routines

Due to the pandemic, routines of students have been distributed. Students’ sleeping & eating patterns have changed. The pandemic has also affected reading and writing. This is because students have been more dependent on technology.

They see their notes on PDFs and type their homework. So, it is important for students to restore their routines because they were attending classes from the comfort of their homes.

Help Students Cope with Offline Classes after the Pandemic

There are various ways, but some of them are:-

1. Stick to a Routine

As we stated, the routine has become a problem for students. That is why Students have to say goodbye to lazy online classes. Since, in online classes, there was a relaxed day-to-day routine. 

But in offline classes, students have to follow school timings and adhere to covid norms. Students should make a tight schedule for their day-to-day routine and follow it so that they can cope up with this problem.

2. Get Organized

Getting organized is another aspect of coping with the offline classes after the pandemic. This is because now exams would also be offline and students need to keep their e study materials, stationery, and guides ready.

After getting organized, students will feel fresh and feel better, and in a mood to study. An ambient study environment and effective study materials are an excellent way to cope with offline classes after the pandemic.

3. Let Them Know When to Take a Break

Short breaks in daily routine are needed by everyone. Since students will be back to school after a long period of time, they also deserve short breaks and this is the duty of parents and schools to ensure that these short breaks are provided.

For example- schools can conduct various activities like- comedy shows, dancing every Friday, magic shows, dance performances, and extra breaks of 3 to 5 minutes after every 2 to 3 periods.

Also, parents should take their children to amusement parks, or just make up their favorite food on weekends, encourage their new hobbies, and make them feel their efforts are worth it.

4. Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a good option for those students who are confused about their further studies. Having a clear career path as soon as the offline classes start can help them concentrate on their studies.

Only a parent can help in this, it is the duty of parents to check on their children and help them set their goals with the help of a career counselor.

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5. Focus on Their Health

Covid-19 has been depressing for many students, as they may have lost their loved ones. They may have faced negative emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, etc. Staying at home, students’ physical health and mental health has been affected. So, it is important for parents to keep checking on their children’s health.

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