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Navigating Exam Stress with Expert Guidance from Sunanda Rao, Career Counsellor

The days leading up to examinations are bound to be stressful for most students. Even the brightest and most prepared of the lot can feel the pressure, be it internal assessments, boards, or competitive examinations. Experts say that given how exams are a nerve-wracking time for students across age groups, taking breaks between intense studies […]

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Unveiling Your Ideal Career: Decoding the Holland Code for Personalized Professional Fulfillment with Sunanda Rao’s Guidance

To ensure your career aligns seamlessly with your personality and interests, consider uncovering your Holland Code. This code, derived from a self-assessment, identifies your primary characteristics among six personality types—realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Understanding your Holland Code not only fosters self-awareness but also guides you towards a fulfilling professional life. Exploring the […]

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Unveiling the Battle: Decoding the Exam Patterns of ACT vs SAT

What is ACT vs SAT? The ACT and SAT are standardized tests employed by colleges and universities in the US to evaluate a student’s knowledge and capabilities across different academic subjects as part of the admissions process. This evaluation is used to assess whether they possess the aptitude for college-level work. Explanation of the ACT and SAT […]