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Specialized MBA Courses to Skyrocket Your Career

Congratulations, MBA graduate! You’ve conquered a challenging program and proven your dedication to business mastery. But what’s next? The world is full of possibilities, and specialized courses can equip you with the skills to unlock exciting new career paths. This blog dives into five in-demand options: Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, and […]

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Tech Careers in Demand: Top Choices for Indian Graduates (and Beyond!)

The world of work is constantly evolving, but one thing remains clear: tech careers in demand are a hot commodity for graduates in India (and across the globe!). Tech Careers in Demand: A Thriving Landscape Gone are the days when tech jobs were solely for computer science wizards. Today, the landscape is broader than ever, offering […]

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Navigating Exam Stress with Expert Guidance from Sunanda Rao, Career Counsellor

The days leading up to examinations are bound to be stressful for most students. Even the brightest and most prepared of the lot can feel the pressure, be it internal assessments, boards, or competitive examinations. Experts say that given how exams are a nerve-wracking time for students across age groups, taking breaks between intense studies […]

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ICRI and IIS University Collaborate to Develop Competent Professionals in Aviation and Clinical Research

New Delhi, June 2023: ICRI- preparing you for careers of tomorrow and IIS University have joined hands with a shared vision of nurturing and producing highly skilled professionals in the fields of Aviation and Clinical Research. This collaboration aims to provide quality education and practical exposure to students, enabling them to become competent and industry-ready […]

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Navigating Success: Charting a Path with Career Counselling for Class X and XII Students

At such a decisive point in their lives, career counselling makes all the difference in helping Class X and XII students make informed decisions. By offering personalized guidance and assistance, career counsellors enable students to discover what they are passionate about, their strengths, and what they want to achieve. Ultimately, this supports young people in navigating […]

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How to build a successful and rewarding career in fitness

People nowadays want to invest their precious time in something valuable and beneficial. Health considered one of the priceless things in our lives as humans, becomes the primary focus of entrepreneurs in starting a business. That being said, many people pursue a career in fitness and health.  A fitness trainer directs, instructs, and stimulates individuals […]