Navigating Exam Stress with Expert Guidance from Sunanda Rao, Career Counsellor
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Navigating Exam Stress with Expert Guidance from Sunanda Rao, Career Counsellor

The days leading up to examinations are bound to be stressful for most students. Even the brightest and most prepared of the lot can feel the pressure, be it internal assessments, boards, or competitive examinations.

Experts say that given how exams are a nerve-wracking time for students across age groups, taking breaks between intense studies is one of the effective ways of managing stress. “Students should reward themselves between study-time,” says Sunanda Rao, a Career Counsellor in New Delhi.

While stress and anxiety over exams is natural, Sunanda Rao advises students to channel it so as not to get overwhelmed. “When studying, ensure you’re taking breaks in between. For example, after studying hard for an hour or so, take 20 minutes off to, say, be on the internet or watch a favorite TV show,” says Sunanda Rao.

Doing so will help take the mind off exams while acting as a motivational carrot to get back to studying after the break. The best way to go about it is to work out a plan and stick to it. First and foremost, make a schedule, breaking down the topics to be covered every day. “Be realistic about how much you can study each day when allocating time. It’s difficult to sustain your concentration for hours together. So, when you find your mind wandering, it’s probably a sign that you need a short break,” explains Sunanda Rao.

Eating healthy and limiting caffeine is equally important, and so is investing some time in physical exercise and meditation. It may be the last thing most students feel like doing, but there’s a reason why exercise is a classic stress-reliever. “Physical activity is a great way to clear your mind and boost the mood. After just 20 minutes of exercise, you can hit the books with renewed focus,” says Sunanda Rao.