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Navigating Exam Stress with Expert Guidance from Sunanda Rao, Career Counsellor

The days leading up to examinations are bound to be stressful for most students. Even the brightest and most prepared of the lot can feel the pressure, be it internal assessments, boards, or competitive examinations. Experts say that given how exams are a nerve-wracking time for students across age groups, taking breaks between intense studies […]

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Career Beacon: Your One-Stop Solution for Career Success

Empowering Careers Success through Insightful Magazine, Transformative Events, and Personalized Counselling Sessions. The world of careers is ever-changing; thus, having quality resources and support to make informed decisions is invaluable. Career Beacon offers a magazine, events, and dedicated counselling sessions to assist career navigation. This blog will look at how these components of their offering […]