What to expect from Aaveg Graduate Management Trainee Program
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What to expect from Aaveg Graduate Management Trainee Program

The 12 months Aaveg Graduate Management Trainee (AGMT) programme is designed to provide young graduates with a structured series of rotations across our core business in areas such as Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Digital Marketing, ETS, CRD Operations and reservation desk. With the potential to rotate into our business operations, ensuring that the fresh graduates have a comprehensive understanding of all business areas, opening up a future of unlimited opportunities within the Aaveg Group.

As part of the 12 months programme, the Fresh Graduates will complete eight rotations on PAN India.

The programme encourages an entrepreneurial attitude where participants are apparent, and the candidates will create opportunities for themselves through exponential performance and networking.

The candidates are asked on application to indicate a (non-committal) interest in a particular area: Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Digital Marketing, ETS, CRD Operations and reservation desk but will complete rotations across eight areas before entering a chosen area, ensuring that on completion of the programme you enter your role with the complete understanding of how each function operates and enhances the other to maximise the profit potential for the group.

We asked the candidates why do you want to join Aaveg & Why they should join Aaveg.

Those looking for a Career in the Mobility industry should expect to spend 2-3 years within a department. However, after completing the programme, ‘mastering’ the product-specific techniques and skills that will ensure their long term career, be it management or commercial, is enhanced to guarantee their full career potential.

Capturing a spot on an AGMT comes with a whole list of benefits, so it’s not surprising that they’re one of the most popular career paths among graduates. It’s a great way to ease young recruits into the working world, equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed.

AGMT offers a structured and tailor-made route into the profession and opportunities to build both your commercial knowledge and professional network. However, don’t mistake this as a shortcut to your desired career.

Competition is fierce, and the work programme is challenging. To better understand what you might be getting into and kickstart your career, here is an overview of what is in it for you in GMT.

Access to training and support

The attraction to AGMT is the quality training you receive, ranging from one-to-one mentoring to professional qualifications. Graduates also work directly with mentors and company leaders.

Wanting to find a good spot, you need to look for roles that clearly show the extent of the programme, including regular catch-ups with a dedicated senior mentor. Aaveg management team committed to supporting graduate trainees will help them achieve their goals to build a long-term career with them.

Continued professional development

AGMT will provide the opportunity to further your professional qualifications through on-the-job training or sponsorship. This initiative will let you develop skills that are usually not accessible during the completion of your degree.

The AGMT program aims to close the gap between the knowledge acquired during your degree and the needs of your chosen career.

Help to decide your career path.

It’s common to be uncertain about what career path to embark on. During the 12 months of the AGMT Program, you will have the flexibility to work across several departments, helping you to discover where your skills and enthusiasm lie. You may even find a passion that you didn’t know you previously had.

Aaveg Graduate Management Trainee program provides development and growth. In addition, the working environment may allow you to gain more experience in areas that you normally wouldn’t encounter in multinational companies.

Kickstart your Career Journey with Aaveg.