What Effects are Robotic Workers Having on the Job Market


Let’s start! Know about robotics and the effects of robotic workers in the job market.

What Is Robotics?

Robotics is based on artificial intelligence.

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science and engineering. Robotics include construction, design, operation and use of robots. The main purpose of robotics is to design machines that can help and assist human beings.

What Are Robots?

A robot is a type of automated machine that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention and with speed and precision.

What Can Robots Do?

There are many kinds of tasks that robots can perform. According to the tasks, there can be different types of robots. There are many tasks that robots can perform better than humans but on the other hand, there are some tasks that cannot be done or handled by robots. And hence, there are some tasks that only humans can perform.

Some of the task’s robots can perform: –

  • Perform room service, deliver online orders, and even deliver food packets when required.
  • Automate manual or repetitive activities in corporate or industrial settings.
  • Robots can cook.
  • Robots can make music.
  • Robots can even perform surgeries. Also, they can assist surgeries.
  • Fill out pharmaceutical prescriptions and prep IVs.
  • Work in hazardous environments or unpredictable environments to spot hazards like gas leaks.

Will Robotic Workers Increase or Decrease Human Employment Opportunity?

Probably a bit of both. However, there will be a decrease in human employment opportunities. On the other hand, if robotic workers will take the job opportunities for humans, the robotics industry will also generate jobs.

According to a recent report, between 2017 and 2037, robots will replace around 7 million people at work. At the same time, the robotics industry will generate around 7 million jobs.

Effects Of Robotic Workers on The Job Market

With the increase in advancements in technology, clearly robots are more efficient than humans. At the workplace, robots offer a high degree of accuracy. Robots can perform several tasks without getting tired. Robots can also perform work in hazardous environments like- cleaning of radioactive waste etc.

Today, the use of robotic workers is very less. But today also, in all field robotic workers are being used and in future will be used in many other fields as well.

Some of them are listed below: –

Types Of Robots in Workplace: –  

1.  Agriculture

As we all know, a lot of work is done manually while growing crops. Due to advanced technologies, for producing more crops and reducing manual work and to reduce overall cost robots are being introduced in the field of agriculture.

2. Health Care

Maybe in the future robots may be able to perform a wide variety of health care practices. These practices may include- surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, patient companionship, and everyday activities. Also, robots are not taking the place of health care professionals, but they are for the help of professionals.

3. Food Preparation

Yes! In the future you can get delicious food which would be cooked by robots. Intelligent and automated robots such as those invented by Moley Robotic. These robots will be controlled by a smartphone. These robots will be user friendly.

4. Military

Many robots are being used for military purposes. Public safety sector is also being managed by robotic devices such as unmanned drones. There can be two types of uses of drones – first- military drones which can be helpful in the times of war and those used by police to keep an eye on people. Second- drones which are used for capturing pictures or videos in private functions.

5. Manufacturing

Robots can work in manufacturing industries as well. This will help in reducing the production cost while increasing efficiency and productivity.


Effects Of the Robotic Workers on Job Market: -

Job market with the use of robotic workers will have a POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE effect on the job market.

Let’s look at them both individually.


1.  Low Production Cost: – The overall production cost of robotic workers goes low as compared to human labor. Robots don’t get tired and can produce more in less time. So, the cost of production is low.

2. Save a lot of Time: – As compared to human labor, robots can work more. Which saves a lot of time? Some tasks that humans take hours to complete, robotic workers can complete in minutes. This eventually saves a lot of time.

3. Work with high degree of Precision: – Robots are faster and stronger than humans, they work with great degree of accuracy and exactness. Sometimes, humans can perform a mistake in a task, but robotic workers cannot.

4. Can perform difficult tasks which are dangerous to humans: – Robotic workers can work in extreme environmental conditions in which humans cannot work. They can work in space, sea, in extreme heat or wind or cold. A lot of organizations use Robots for mining, digging the earth for fuel, exploring the ocean depths, and other repetitive, dangerous, and time-consuming tasks.

Robots are manufactured to work in severe environments such as in space, underwater, in the fire, and in absence of the air. They are useful at places where human safety is at a risk.

5. Used in Chemical Industry: –  They are used in chemical industries and chemical spills, nuclear plants and so on. They help in reducing loss of the company by working in extreme conditions. They are used in collecting and cleaning radioactive waste.

6. Versatile in nature: – Robotic workers can perform a wide range of tasks. They can perform in many industries. They can manufacture automated products in factories like assembling cars, etc. They can even be used for developing several parts for products like the parts of planes, cars, construction supplies, and more. Robots can also be used in airports, banks, hotels, hospitals etc. They can work in space, underwater, with air, without air and many more conditions.


1. Higher Unemployment Rate: – One of the biggest disadvantages of robotic workers is that they will increase the unemployment rate. As the manual work reduces because work is performed by robotic workers, there is no need for human labor. Human labor will be replaced by Robotic Workers. Automatically this will create unemployment in the manufacturing plants and many factories.

2. Rich is getting richer; the poor is getting poorer and poorer: – The labor will have no work to do, they will become poorer. On the other hand, the owner will get work within no time. Robots will increase efficiency and productivity. This will make rich owners more rich day by day.


3. Affording and Installation Cost is Very High: –  Buying robots and installing them requires a huge amount of money. Not every company can afford robotic workers. If the company can afford robotic workers, it will be a plus point in the future for them. On the other hand, companies which cannot afford robotic workers, have to face a lot of competition.

4. Maintenance Cost is Huge: – The work does not end after installation. The maintenance cost is much higher than installation cost. Many companies cannot afford the huge cost of maintenance because all the time profits do not remain the same. 

5. Increase in Financial Budget: – Installation and maintenance of robotic workers is not a task of kids. As it requires a huge amount of investment, there will be an increase in the financial budget.

6. Produce a lot of Electrical Waste: – Robotic workers can only perform those tasks which are built in them. Other than that, they are unable to perform any other task. Robotic Workers require a lot of power or electricity to function. Due to which they produce a lot of waste which cannot be used anywhere. This is a huge loss for the company. This is the biggest disadvantage of having robotic workers and not having human labor.

7. Robots can be a Danger: – These robotic workers can cause a lot of destruction. We cannot trust electronic devices. Once robotic workers have lost control, we don’t know what they will do. Robotic workers don’t have a human brain, that is why they can be dangerous if they get out of control.