Future in Digital Marketing


Before knowing the scope of digital marketing in future, let’s gain some basic knowledge about it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing. Digital or online is that marketing which uses electronic devices to promote the product or the content. It basically refers to promoting something online.

These marketing campaigns are not like traditional marketing campaigns. These campaigns run all over the web and can be viewed by devices like- smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.

Connecting your potential customers with the use of the internet for promoting your brand, this is called digital marketing.

It not only includes email, social media, but it includes any kind of digital display done for promotion. For e.g., texts and multimedia messages, video ads, paid social media posts etc.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very vast field. There are many specializations respected in digital marketing. Some of them are listed below.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most common type of online marketing. It refers to using a type of words that exactly matches customers’ needs. By choosing the right keywords or phrases, your website content can appear on the top of the search list.

The main purpose of SEO is to ensure that your article must appear on the top on webpages like- google, Bing etc.

You should not have to overuse these keywords or phrases because it seems to be unnatural.

For e.g., Most of us do research before buying any product. So, for e.g., If you are a shopkeeper, you sell cupcakes. Your website must have the keyword ‘buy cupcakes’. This will ensure that your site appears first or in top of the search list on the web pages like google.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about writing content for the targeted audience. The content can be in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, social media posts, podcasts etc.

Main purpose of content marketing is to indulge readers so that they can be converted into customers.

Written content should be rich in many aspects- it should be free of plagiarism, it should be SEO heavy, it should be user friendly.

As much as users will interact with your content, it will lead to increase in sales, which will bring new customers or clients.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

This pay per click advertising refers to posting ads on webpages and paying for them when someone clicks and visits your website. We can say that PPC is the paid version of SEO. The most common types of ads we see every time we search are google ads.

Google ads are most commonly used. Also, there are other platforms which allow paid ads are – Meta (Facebook), twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With the help of Search engine marketing, your company can purchase advertising space that appears on the SERPs. Creating a link between SEO and PPC is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing.

Every one of us can easily define paid search results on webpages as they have a tag “ad” before the website name.

Here, SEO and SEM can bring good traffic to your website. Combination of SEO and SEM can bring new customers and will increase in sales.

5. Social Media Marketing

No doubt, social media has become a huge part of our life. It includes a large number and which means that you can engage a large number of audiences.

Social media marketing is a great opportunity for businesses to grow. The main motive of social media marketing is to drive traffic to the website and make brand awareness.

Social media marketing overlaps various digital marketing forms like- SEO, SEM, content marketing, PPC.

There are many channels you can promote your business for e.g.-

  • Instagram
  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Social media marketing offers built-in metrics. These metrics are very helpful. They can tell you how much your audience is engaging in your content, how much you are reaching your audience, and which tools are bringing more traffic to your website.

There are so many businesses that don’t have a website and give an option to directly purchase from the social media platforms.

Hence, we can say that social media marketing is a huge part of digital marketing.

Now let's know about the: - FUTURE IN DIGITAL MARKETING

Now that you have some knowledge about digital marketing. So, let’s know about the future in digital marketing.


Let’s take a look at the following points: – As with the growing demand of internet and mobile phones, digital marketing will get more popular in coming years.

  • Many changes have occurred in marketing styles. Before we use traditional marketing, which were only restricted to door-to-door stores and mouth publicity. Now, as the time has changed, people can only use their fingertips to know the latest trends. We can say that it is the new era of the new generation. Hence, digital marketing is being recognized by everyone. It has completely taken over the traditional marketing.
  • Now, everything is done through digital mode, even startups are launched online. With the increased awareness by the government, this Digital India initiative has gained momentum. Government has launched platforms like UPI and DIGILOCKER to make our country digitally empowered.
  • Reaching global markets, by using digital mode and using online marketing properly you can reach global markets. Being digital, anyone from any corner of the world can reach your website or can reach your page or can purchase your products through platforms like meta (Facebook), Instagram, twitter etc. Compared to other marketing platforms, digital marketing is much more affordable. Before digital marketing, many of us used to print ads in newspapers which cost lakhs of rupees. But now with the change in time, traditional marketing is taken over by digital marketing.
  • People use the internet for each and everything, so there is a higher engagement rate as compared to old methods of marketing. People need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and it is the responsibility of the digital marketers to keep their audience engaged. To find out what is going well and what is not, you need to follow digital marketing.
  • There is an excessive increase in the revenue generated from the digital classified market. It will double in 2020 from the year 2015. So, each and every firm should use digital modes to make its business to heights.


Hence, the scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day. So, there is no doubt that DIGITAL MARKETING will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in FUTURE. 

ALSO, WE CONCLUDE THAT: it has Good Future

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