Unmasking the Heroes: Celebrating Doctors on National Doctor’s Day 2023

Unmasking the Heroes

On National Doctor’s Day, we take a moment to honour healthcare superheroes and recognize the epitome of compassion, knowledge, and dedication that they embody. This blog is meant to inspire college students aspiring to pursue medicine by highlighting vital information such as statistics of the field, career paths, various scopes available within the profession, required skillset and also showcasing renowned doctors from India.

The Statistics

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030 there will be a global shortage of 18 million health workers. This alarming figure highlights the urgent need for medical professionals, making now an ideal time to pursue a career in medicine.

Doctor as a Profession

Being a doctor goes beyond just being employed; it is an honorable calling that focuses on providing care, rescuing people, and bettering health. It entails dedicating oneself to aiding humankind, having a keen desire to learn, and feeling profoundly for those in one’s care.

Personality Traits

Successful doctors must possess a special combination of skills. Compassion, patience, and the ability to effectively communicate are all essential when interacting with patients. Developing empathy can assist physicians in understanding their patients’ mental needs while resilience helps them cope with difficult circumstances.

Career Path

Achieving the title of doctor is a lengthy and fulfilling process. It usually starts with an undergraduate degree in medicine, followed by further specialization through residency and fellowships. To succeed in medical training requires commitment, dedication, and continual study.

Entrance Exam Details: NEET and AYUSH Exams

Aspiring doctors in India need to be knowledgeable about the entrance exams necessary for medical education. Here are some important facts about the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) and AYUSH entrance tests:

A. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)

NEET is an entrance exam that the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers to determine eligibility for admission into undergraduate medical (MBBS/BDS) and postgraduate (MD/MS) programs at medical colleges throughout India.


Candidates must have completed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English as core subjects. The minimum aggregate score required varies based on category.


The NEET syllabus encompasses a range of topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology) based on the 10+2 curriculum. The exam is conducted in a paper-and-pencil format with multiple-choice questions and spans a duration of 3 hours, featuring 180 questions – 45 from each subject.

Exam Date

Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) announces the exact date for NEET which is usually conducted in either May or June.

B. AYUSH Entrance Exams

In India, besides MBBS, AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) streams offer alternative systems of medical treatments. Entrance exams are held for enrolment in undergraduate and postgraduate courses associated with these disciplines.

AIAPGET (All India AYUSH Post Graduate Entrance Test): The NTA administers the AIAPGET, a national-level entrance exam, in order to allow entry into postgraduate courses related to AYUSH systems.

State-level Entrance Exams: In India, admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate AYUSH courses are conducted by states through their own entrance exams. Prospective students should make sure they understand the eligibility criteria, syllabus and exam pattern applicable in the state of their choice.

It is crucial for aspiring medical students to stay up-to-date with notifications, strategies and processes related to NEET and AYUSH entrance exams. Quality preparation along with a comprehensive comprehension of test patterns and syllabi can significantly boost the chances of getting accepted into prestigious medical schools.

These exams are a stepping stone to help you achieve your aspirations of becoming a healthcare professional in India.

Different Career Scopes for Doctors

The medical field offers plentiful career choices beyond general practice, from specializations like cardiology, neurology, paediatrics, surgery, gynecology and psychiatry to research, public health, academia and healthcare administration for those looking for a different route within medicine.

Skills Required

Apart from excelling academically, doctors must be equipped with a wide range of skills. Having strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities is essential in order to diagnose and treat patients efficiently. It is also important for medical professionals to have attention to detail, decision-making abilities, and the capability to work under pressure. An integral part of the profession is having effective communication skills that enable them to clearly explain complex medical information to patients and their families.

Famous Doctors from India

India has seen some renowned medical professionals make great strides in the field. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, a pioneering cardiac surgeon, has completely revolutionized the concept of cost-effective healthcare. Dr. K. Srinath Reddy has played an influential role when it comes to formulating health policies around the world. Genetist Dr. M.S Swaminathan’s achievements in agriculture and nutrition have been remarkable; similarly, Naresh Trehan, a renowned specialist in cardiovascular and cardiothoracic conditions, is the founder of Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre.


Today marks National Doctor’s Day, a time to recognize and honour the remarkable contributions of doctors everywhere. Not only do their skills and selflessness play an integral part in sustaining our medical care, but their eagerness to learn and serve is truly inspiring. Those pursuing a career as a doctor must understand that this noble pursuit demands empathy, learning, and an unending commitment to helping others. Let us together embrace this calling and be proud to be a part of any such compassionate group dedicated to improving the lives around us.

The white coat stands for much more than a vocation—it conveys assurance, and perseverance, and personifies mankind’s indomitable might.

Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Disclaimer: This post serves to provide information only; professional career advice should come from expert sources such as Career Beacon’s accredited advisors or counsellors. It is strongly encouraged that anyone looking to make career decisions consults with qualified professionals.

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