National Career Counsellors Network (NCCN) Triumphs in 5th Edition Career Hackathon 2023
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National Career Counsellors Network (NCCN) Triumphs in 5th Edition Career Hackathon 2023

December 2, 2023, New Delhi  – The NCCN, along with Career Beacon and 1Cues, successfully organized the 5th Edition of Career Hackathon 2023 on December 2, 2023, at the prestigious India International Centre in Delhi. With a focus on “Bridging the Talent Gap from Classroom to Boardroom,” this year’s theme brought together a series of impactful sessions and discussions. The event received an overwhelming response, with over 180+ participants from across the nation, solidifying its role as a leading force for career growth and creativity.

Career Hackathon 2023 

The presence of Major General Sharad Kapoor, the esteemed Director General Resettlement (DGR), as the Guest of Honour, added a distinguished element to the proceedings and highlighted the event’s aim of addressing the talent gap.

The Career Hackathon 2023 is a thoughtfully planned event focused on examining and tackling the obstacles of connecting academic knowledge with practical implementation.

Highlights :: Career Hackathon 2023

Sunanda Rao, one of the founders of NCCN and Managing Editor of Career Beacon, along with being the Lead HR at WTi Cabs, graciously greeted everyone to commence the event and establish a productive dialogue on talent development.

Track 1:: Career Hackathon 2023

Career Hackathon 2023 

SPOTLIGHT SESSION offered a distinct opportunity for individuals to present their solo elevator pitches. Over 14 educators and entrepreneurs shared their concise business summaries during this session.

Track 2 :: Career Hackathon 2023

Career Hackathon 2023 

At the Fireside Chat, Ms. Radhika Bali from Aks and Mr. Vishal Manocha of Vishal School of Grooming provided insightful tips on grooming for professional success, aligning with the main theme.

Career Hackathon 2023 

Mr. Ashok Vashist, CEO of WTi Mobility, delivered a thought-provoking keynote address entitled “Navigating Tomorrow: Leaders Decode the Talent Maze!” His remarks provided valuable strategic insights for navigating today’s ever-changing career landscape.

Career Hackathon 2023 

Mr. Anmol Chawla, CEO of Vraksh Management Pvt. Ltd, led a compelling discussion on harnessing the power of entrepreneurial resilience – a vital element for successfully navigating the shift from academia to the corporate sphere.

Launch :: Career Hackathon 2023

Career Hackathon 2023 

The debut of the groundbreaking 1Cues Platform offered a unified portal for parents and students to access all their Career needs.

Career Hackathon 2023 

Prominent educators experienced HR professionals, and founding members of the National Career Counsellors Network collectively launched the Event Edition of Career Beacon.

Exploring ways to close the gap between classroom and board room, a panel discussion titled ‘Bridging the Talent Gap’ showcased the expertise of Mr. Koushik Chatterjee, Ms. Kavita Frank, Dr. Preeti Batra, and Ms. Rimjhim Mukherjee,  as they shared actionable strategies for talent development.

The Head HR of Erekrut, Ms. Khushi Bhardwaj, shared invaluable universal tips for success in both personal and professional growth through grooming.

During the “EduCollab Elevation” panel discussion, Mr. Sandeep Gupta from PSAI, Dr. Deepa Gupta from GL Bajaj Institute of Management, Dr. Neena Singh Zushti from the World University of Design, and Dr. Navin Piplani from Sushant University explored ways to align academic standards with industry demands, shedding light on the topic of academic brilliance.

Ms. Suparna Trikha offered valuable insights on maintaining resilience in the personal care products sector, highlighting non-traditional professional opportunities as viable alternatives to traditional academic paths representatives, Mr. Sanuj Bansal and Ms. Meghana Mehta offered valuable insights on mastering contemporary career advancement techniques, underscoring the importance of practical skills in professional environments.

A panel of HR leaders, including Ms. Sunanda Rao, Ms. Vandana Kaushik Goel from Centum-Upgrad, Mr. Rakesh Seth, Ms. Sandeep Singh Sasan from DRAIPL and Mr. Bhavendra Jha, recently gathered for a discussion on “Career Crafting for College Students and Fresh Graduates.” They shared valuable insights on how to align academic pursuits with career goals.

Track 3 :: Career Hackathon 2023

At the event, various notable individuals and organizations were acknowledged for their exceptional efforts in bridging the talent gap. This included honouring speakers, jury members, and influencers through felicitations, as well as presenting Excellence Awards. These recognitions were a direct result of thorough evaluations and highlighted those who have effectively closed the talent gap.

The triumph of the Career Hackathon 2023 was amplified by the key contributions of influencers and outreach partners. The Excellence Awards, stemming from thorough evaluations, highlighted the significant influence of the discussions and strategies presented throughout the occasion.

The event wrapped up with expressions of gratitude delivered by Mr. Kushal Roy.

Glimpses :: Career Hackathon 2023

Sponsors & Partners

Major sponsors, including Upgrad, Erekrut, Vraksha, Nea Life, BRDS, Sushant University, Dumick Educational Consultancy, SISL Infotech, and LNCT University, played a significant role in ensuring the success of Career Hackathon 2023.

The ISTD Noida Chapter  played a crucial role in the event, serving as both Knowledge and Community Partners. This partnership further strengthened the joint initiative to bridge the skills gap.

In gratitude, every delegate was gifted a book penned by Wg Cdr KK Verma, emphasizing the value of sharing knowledge in promoting unlearning for success.

The Noida Management Association supported event as  Knowledge Partners. This partnership further strengthened the joint initiative to bridge the skills gap.

Nea Life, BRDS, Sushant University, Upgrad made their distinct presence at event guiding students about the various offerings.

Special Thanks to influencers, Outreach Partner, Outreach Interns – Nitin Khindria, Hereesh Girdhar, Nakul Pathak, Sandeep Singh Sasan,Sanghamitra Dhar,Sandeep Mudgal, Rahul Bandhan, Deepak Bansal, & the Outreach Partner Ms Anuja Sehgal, Sneha and Siddharth Rao, Prateek Jain, Karishma Bansal, Rahul for a wider outreach.

The 5th edition of the Career Hackathon acts as a guiding force for professionals, students, and organizations. It demonstrates the commitment of the National Career Counsellors Network, Career Beacon, and 1Cues in creating a platform for significant conversations and viewpoints.

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Watch out the Event Glimpses and refresh your memories, download your smiles and accolades

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The NCCN is a dedicated network that aims to promote career development and offer a platform for career counsellors. One of the network’s highlights is the Career Hackathon, an annual event designed to provide an enriching experience for members of the counselling community.

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