Delhi’s Top 10 Trailblazing Career Counsellors Revolutionizing Career Counselling
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Delhi’s Top 10 Trailblazing Career Counsellors Revolutionizing Career Counselling

The task of selecting the right career path is often daunting and overwhelming. With such a variety of options, finding the best direction for you can be difficult. Trailblazing Career counsellors are vitally important – they provide guidance and support to help make informed decisions about one’s professional journey. But not all counsellors offer the same level of service, which is why we’ve highlighted 10 revolutionary practitioners in Delhi who are transforming the field with their novel practices, allowing people to tap into their fullest potential.

Usha Albuquerque

Usha Albuquerque has extensive experience in the area of career coaching. She is the Director of Careers Smart Private Limited, a well-known platform dedicated to helping individuals get proper guidance concerning their career paths. Usha believes in an active, technology-enabled strategy for assisting people in recognising their talents and passions. She has been striving to use her experience to help others succeed for two decades.

Jitin Chawla

Jitin’s dedication to career counselling, compassionate attitude, and expertise have established him as a pillar of influence in the industry. His enthusiasm for helping others has made him a guiding light and role model of achievement in this area.

Pervin Malhotra

Pervin Malhotra is a renowned career coach and the founder of CARING. She has over three decades of expertise, believing firmly in practical and hands-on approaches to career counselling. Ms. Malhotra is widely acknowledged as a top-rated coach and columnist, her articles reaching more than 20 million people nationwide.  

Chitra Guru 

Chitra Guru, a founding member of the National Career Counsellors Network and expert in psychology, helps individuals gain insight into their individual traits and how they influence their career journey.

Priya Varat Singh

Priya Varat Singh is the creator of Mytutee, an online platform that assists students in pursuing studying abroad. PV concentrates on assisting people in comprehending their personality types and how they relate to their career options.

Kavita Rai

Kavita Rai is a career counsellor with two decades of experience and the Founding member of the National Career Counsellors Network. She takes a comprehensive approach to helping people reach their professional aspirations, combining counselling, mentoring and coaching solutions.

Gaurav Sachdeva

Gaurav Sachdeva is admired as a prominent career counsellor and the originator of Career2success. His considerable background in the field has enabled him to succor people to understand the intricacies of choosing a career. He emphasizes an individualized approach, looking at every student’s extraordinary capabilities, interests, and ambitions to direct them towards their ideal career path.

Sunanda Rao

Sunanda Rao is an accomplished HR Professional renowned for comprehending the personal elements that shape individual career trajectories. Her talent for recognizing personality traits, interests, values, and life experiences has made her a sought-after career coach and columnist. Moreover, her advice reaches millions nationwide in columns devoted to addressing career queries.

Surabhi Dewra

Surabhi Dewra is the creator of, an acclaimed online career counselling platform. A background in engineering and management made heremphasise the necessity of career mapping and goal setting.

Vishal Manocha

Vishal Manocha strongly advocates for self-awareness as he believes it is the basis of finding an appropriate career. He deploys several assessment techniques to make individuals conscious of their assets, struggles, abilities, and hobbies. In this way, Vishal guides his clients in choosing a career that syncs with their natural talents and desires.

Finding the right Trailblazing career counsellors can make a big difference in professional growth. These ten innovative counsellors from Delhi have revolutionized the field, applying their specialist expertise, enthusiasm and creative approaches to empower individuals. Their efforts are helping countless people reveal their full potential and accomplish their desired goals.


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