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Authored by Dr Anju Chawla

The examination is a significant step to next stair the success ladder during our education. Stress is a demon, which can suck all energy out and leave you wandering with no headway.

Here, Stress is referred to the negative thinking, giving way to unpleasant emotions like rejection, sadness, anger, terror and many such more.

It is the meaning mentioned in dictionary. The brain is a slave of thoughts and thoughts generate after our brain subject to some stimulus. So, it wouldn’t be hype if I submit that whatever we surround ourselves with, maybe a reason for our Stress during Examination days.

Devayani and Devansh are twin siblings and school-going teenager studying in the same school. Namita and Manoj are their proud parents. They are loving and friendly with their kids. They give as much leverage to their kids as one can imagine, but when exams approach, the dynamics changes a little. It doesn’t change abruptly, but a small dose starts a month or so prior. Their gadgets get confiscated, their TV time gets monitored. Even there strolling moments get shortened.

In school, teachers have their role to play by scheduling continuous revision, evaluating the tests, commenting upon the MARKS, counseling the weaker ones with the “Brahma Astra” of intimating parents, if they don’t perform.

In the process, brains of both these kids stay in a continuous chatter mode which is undoubtedly a difficult conversation. These conversations intensely charged emotionally. It all seems to draw into a black cloud of twisted logic and altered sensibilities; leading to Stress called Examination Stress!!

Okay! I hit the issue, but as an Emotional Wellness Coach, I cannot wrap up here. So, here is my detailed solution to handle this demon which is a foe to the happiness and sportsman spirit of our kids.

As parents, we carry a massive responsibility on our shoulders which is to not to be loud or rude or demeaning to our kids. Preferably, we should treat them with dignity through and through, but we need to be all the more careful when exams approach.

Train the kids to be sincere, organized in the first step, i.e. Preparation – Ask them to practice by speaking out, writing, revising and repeating.

The second step is appearing for exams, and the child has to consider as if he is the best while attempting the exam. He must be focused while writing the test.  Any ‘what-if’ questions in this stage will lead to anxiety. It is essential for parents not to give the kids any negative comment or compare with other kids, instead express complete confidence in them. Also, parents must assure the kids their full support  come what may. Instead of focusing on the result, parents must emphasize on the preparation. A good practice increases confidence which in turn cracks any negative narrative running in a child’s head.

As teachers, we must not pressurize students for marks, but learning. If a student is timid, then as a prudent guru, make them comfortable by building rapport with her so that she can open up. No one fears expressing, but judged. Teachers need to be free from any prejudice against any student. Each student is different because of the primary learning modalities- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and hence a teacher must explain using all three.

In a nutshell, let the child’s mind be like an open room where if negativity moves in, it must get pushed out with the support of parents, teachers. Let the surroundings of your child be serene, positive even the kind of shows one watches, music one listens to or friends one talks to, need to be monitored, not to be commented upon.

Rest, you know your child the best. Still, if you need hand-holding, a coach is always there. You only need to approach one.

Happy Emotions!!