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Authored by Sanjeev Gupta

Most of us do become tense & bit anxious whenever we have to face any test, be it exams or a job interview. It’s a perfectly natural; otherwise, we may not even prepare well for such situations in life. 

However, the problem arises when we start considering these situations (ex. board exams) as the end of everything &an ultimate loss if does not qualify with a high percentage. 

What everyone needs to understand is that failure, if it happens, is just a roadblock and not end of the road. For being a winner, it’s important to embrace failures and not quit as and when you encounter a difficult situation.

History is full of examples of people who failed initially, but they did not give up and persevered to achieve what they had aimed. 

To name a few of them, we have people like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, JK Rowling, Albert Einstein and our beloved president A.P.J Abdul Kalam who experienced multiple failures before becoming successful & famous in their respective fields. 

A winner is a winner not because he has some exceptional talents or qualities than any other person. He is a winner because he persevered a bit longer than his counterparts & did not give up in his effort to find a solution to the problem at hand. Winners always take accountability & ownership of their actions and strive to learn & improve from each failure.

At 211 °F Water is very hot & it starts boiling at 212 °F and produces steam which can power train engines and turbines. The difference is minor, but that one(1) degree makes all the difference between failure and success. 

So do not quit until you succeed, success may be just around the corner.