From Unsung Heroes to Strategic Partners
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From Unsung Heroes to Strategic Partners

On International HR DayCareer Beacon shines a light on the ever-evolving role of Human Resources (HR) as a critical function within organizations. In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR has become increasingly significant in shaping a thriving organizational culture and driving success. 

HR: Beyond Just Policies

This blog features insights from esteemed HR and business leaders, highlighting the multifaceted contributions of Unsung Heroes. Gone are the days of HR simply managing policies. As Ashok Vashist, CEO of WTi Cabs, emphasizes, managers inherently act as HR by fostering team growth and achieving business goals. According to Sonali Chowdhry, CEO of Officenet, HR adds value across industries by enhancing day-to-day operations.

Cultivating Talent and Fostering Growth

The ability to cultivate talent and inspire excellence is a cornerstone of HR’s role. Leaders like Rajesh Popli highlight the importance of HR in nurturing potential and fostering a culture of continuous growth and respect. This translates directly to organizational success.

The Human Touch in Business

The impact of HR goes beyond just business metrics. Mehfisha Anjum of Helpingmind Counseling Center reminds us of the personal connection that HR fosters. When employees feel valued as individuals, it contributes significantly to the company’s success. Pooja Jain, Founder & CEO of Professional Edge Business Solutions LLP, reinforces this notion by underlining the need for HR professionals to feel valued themselves.

Building Trust and Empowering Employees

Deepak Bharara, Founder of A2Z Advisory, emphasizes the crucial balance between training and retention. HR plays a vital role in ensuring employees are well-equipped but also feel valued enough to stay. Trust and advocacy are key aspects of a strong HR department. Ashok Kumar Gupta from HR Advocacy in NOIDA highlights the importance of keeping promises made to employees, while Sandeep Saxena, Director at IT Digivista, stresses the importance of advocating for employees’ needs.

HR: The Backbone of the Organization

Several leaders use metaphors to describe the vital role of HR. Samar Mahapatra, Advisor at ASSOCHAM, likens HR to the nucleus of the organization, while Dr. Renu Rana, Senior Manager of Strategic HR, cleverly states, “You can’t spell HERO without HR.”

Empowering Innovation and Championing Employee Experience

HR is not just about managing people; it’s about empowering them. Leaders like Sapna Chopra, AGM (HR) at Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd, highlight HR’s role in fostering innovation through empowered employees. Koushik Chatterjee, CEO of Xform Learning, compares HR to invisible but essential business Wi-Fi.

From Common Sense to Cultivating Dreams

Sandeep Singh Sasan, from Human Resource Operations (SPECIAL PROJECTS) INDIA & INTERNATIONAL at Dineschchandra R. Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd., offers a profound insight: “Top of the Most, HR is Common Sense to sense the Human.” Raj Changrani, Assistant Registrar at PRO NDIM, captures the essence of HR by stating, “HR isn’t just about policies; it’s about people, passion, and purpose. In HR, we don’t just manage resources; we cultivate dreams and foster growth.”

The Architects of Organizational DNA

Dr. Munish Jindal, President of MENTORx, eloquently describes HR as, “The architects of organizational DNA, designing legacies of innovation and resilience. Empowering individuals, uniting teams, and sculpting futures: HR is the heartbeat of progress.”

Globalization and Transformation

Monika Garg, Associate Director Global HR Operations Support at Fresenius Medical Care, further emphasizes HR’s crucial role: “HR plays a very crucial role during globalization and organizational transformation by managing the talent pool, fostering cultural diversity and integration, ensuring compliance, enhancing employee experience and driving organizational agility and innovation globally.

A Strategic Partner for Success

This International HR Day, let us acknowledge the essential role of HR as a strategic partner. HR professionals foster organizational well-being, champion the employee experience, and drive cultural evolution. By harnessing the potential of HR, organizations can create a strong foundation for success in the ever-changing world of work.

Compiled by Sunanda Rao, HR Professional