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Authored by Sunanda Rao

Power of Social media is an integral part of our lives. Long gone are the times when the winner of a TV contest or plot twist in your favorite show could remain a mystery until you got the chance to catch up by watching it on VHS. Now there’s no escape and credit goes to Social media. It also has a significant role to play, be it a job or scouting as a speaker, or for any recognition. 

Social Media, if used wisely, helps to build a good reputation and working relationships that can be beneficial for the growth of a career.

The three simple steps which can be taken to boost online reputation include-

1. Act with care. 

Some may dismiss the social media horror stories as myths – but trust us, they’re real! There have been countless incidents in which the candidate’s job prospects have been harmed by prospective employers finding undesirable content on their social media accounts.

While many argue that social media should be a safe place where one can express his views and be himself, the fact is that employers and recruiters have started using it as an integral part of the recruitment processes. Social media accounts are found by recruiting managers so that they can get a better idea of the candidate.

As a candidate you have control of what they find, so make sure you get your accounts in check. Use privacy settings, so any pictures or status that may not paint you in the best light is hidden from public view. Make sure your profile picture is “employer-friendly”.

Every time you post something, ask yourself, “what impression of myself am I putting across?”

2. Showcasing Talent, Skills, and Recognition 

Social media is a platform for people to get noticed and be heard. This can provide you with a real opportunity to boost your employability. Promoting design work on Instagram, showing off the creativity on Facebook, Tweeting about blogs and articles one has written, or using Facebook and LinkedIn to link to websites one has coded is done on the power of Social Media. Not only, this allows potential employers to find work efficiently but also demonstrates the passions which are a big plus.

3. Get connected

Connecting with recruiters, college outreach professionals, prospective employers is a great way to get on their radar. It also gives an opportunity to talk to them and give them a clear idea of the type of role one is looking for so that the candidate only gets contacted about relevant opportunities.

Social media sites also allow building relationships with potential employers, which can put the candidate to the forefront of their minds and provide them a platform to make at the first meeting.

Key figures from organizations may be active on Twitter, so following them and joining their conversations can get your name known and demonstrate your interest and knowledge on critical topics. One can also connect on LinkedIn, which can give him a chance to introduce himself before an interviewer.

Happy Profiling!

Sunanda Rao is helping individuals to unleash their potential & establish individuals in self branding, she can be reached on [email protected]