Liberal Arts: The New Chapter In Indian Education

Liberal Arts

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts is the disruption in the field of education in India. It is a multidisciplinary system of education that includes a diverse range of subjects from domains like Humanities, Sciences, Commerce, and Technology.

Liberal arts has been part of the Indian Education System from several years but it is until recently in the last decade it has come to light and rightfully so.

Why Liberal Arts?

An interior decorator could be utilized to style and adorn the within of people’s homes. whereas this job could seem like merely selecting paint and putting furnishings there is way more to that. Interior stylish participate within the abstract development and execution of their design. They typically square measure concerned in website visits and dealing with construction management particularly once it involves giant business buildings.

What are the skills that a liberal arts education entails in a student?

It allows students to be problem solvers, a critical thinkers, develops their interpersonal and communication skills, be empathetic listener, Works on your analytical abilities, and be a Researcher.

These are all essential skills that make a well-rounded individual. These are the kind of students that employers nowadays are looking for.

How do liberal arts colleges impart essential skills to students?

The answer lies in the curriculum and that is one reason they are differentiated from a traditional course or a university. A liberal arts curriculum is divided into majors, minors, and foundations.

Now, what is a major?

A major is the main field in which the student focuses during the years at college. A major can be either a pure major or an interdisciplinary major.

To differentiate between the two I would like to give a few examples. A pure major can be economics, biology, sociology, political science, and international relations they can be just pure majors.

Liberal Arts allow you to study them with other subjects as well you can take interdisciplinary subjects like philosophy political science and economics this becomes a very strong major and other than that you can take computer sciences with entrepreneurship. Another very strong domain imparts the necessary skills required.

You can make other combinations. Some of the universities allow students to choose subjects and offer double majors or even triple majors so these are the combinations you can look for many talking about majors.


Minors are complementary subjects that you study along to support your major. They can be fine arts or a particular domain like international relations, art, the history you can study along with the particular major.

Foundation courses

These are a distinctive set of courses that introduces students to various types of thinking; to be creative, to be innovative; which are very important. Now you can study subjects like great books think about various authors and how they study and what kind of work they do or you can study history finance (just a complementary subject).

You can learn dance forms or even music. These subjects complement the ability to think beyond the box.

International Exposure

It happens to be one of the key elements of a liberal arts education. Liberal arts colleges provide opportunities and the resources for students to look out for student abroad programs or international exchanges they help in gaining international exposure and experience which is essential for a student’s development.

A student gets to interact with people from different cultures, speak different languages, and understand different curriculums which give them a broader outlook and expand their horizon.

For instance, if you end up taking a major in economics in liberal arts education complemented by a minor in international relations and a foundation course in creative writing.

This will be such a strong combination for someone who wants to pursue a career in politics or work as a civil servant. You will have the necessary skills coming from across domains and this is the kind of opportunity liberal arts provides you with to study everything you want to.