Journalism as a Profession


What is Journalism?

Journalism is a process of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information in the public interest. This means it is a profession with a strong element of social responsibility toward the general public, good governance, and democracy.

That is why journalists are required to follow these high standard properties like accuracy, balance, impartiality, truthfulness, or political interests.


A Journalist prepares, writes, and presents new stories to the public through various media channels including Television, newspapers, Radio, Magazines, and the Internet.

To Successfully create a new story, a journalist needs to gather information from various sources, interview credible people, verify all information and review his or her work for accuracy and clarity.

In fact, a journalist has to be a well-read and learned person. He/She must have a well-stocked mind. They have to be awake, alert, and active.

What is the job of a journalist?

The job of a journalist is not easy at all. The main or the important objective of journalism is about researching, investigating, and reporting.

After that, all the information they found and then they have to present in the form of news stories in an honest manner.

Therefore, It aims to allow the public to look at or understand the things which are going on in the world and make their own decisions about their lives and many other things with all the information.

Today, Journalism offers vast opportunities to all people who have a way to understand and do it in a proper way. In India, journalism has a bright future. It is a developing as well as expanding profession.

The increasing number of multi-channel TV programs gives a great opportunity to many young ones and they will make their future good day by day from these new creations.

There are some journalists who distort information and exaggerate things in a very wrong way.  They spread baseless rumors.  There are others who abuse and they take delight in that vulgarity.  This thing is known as“Yellow journalism”.  

It is a challenging profession. Sometimes many of them are not able to do their duty in an appropriate way. Journalism as a profession should be adopted by that person who is good at creative writing and make that news story valuable.