High in-demand jobs in 2022
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High in-demand jobs in 2022

Often during various discussions in Career Forums, a common question is what are the high in-demand jobs in 2022

People study and work towards the job in demand in the present. Still, by the time they get their hands on the degrees or get optimum experience, they see a drastic shift in the market, so here is an attempt to help you better prepare a list of high in-demand jobs in 2022.

What are the high in-demand jobs in 2022  in India?

Digital Marketing

Marketing is amongst the core pillars of any business in today’s era, especially as there has been a shift from offline to online. This shift has also increased the demand for Digital Marketers.

In recent years, digital marketing has seen colossal growth. By 2022, it will create over 20 lakh jobs in India, making it one of India’s best future job opportunities 2022 that one can prepare.

Even a small business owner is trying to sell its products online via different e-commerce websites and marketplaces. Although less than 50% of people in India have internet access, the market potential is enormous as this number increases rapidly. And as this number increases, the need for Digital Marketers will increase.

Today, Digital marketing is measurable, whereas offline marketing is not; plus, digital marketing increases the reach multi-folds. 

An excellent digital marketer possesses a good knowledge of Web Analytics, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimization and Advertisements, E-mail Marketing, and Algorithms used by Search Engines and can drive users by paid and organic media.

So, if you are looking forward to upskilling yourself in Digital Marketing skills, then look for the online courses which will enhance your skills from reputed universities.

There is neither a restriction of age nor a professional background for this course.

This profession will come under high in-demand jobs in 2022.

Robotic Engineer

Movie Robot caught attention when Chitti was taken for DRDO approval to perform the dangerous jobs in Defence. Robots have taken over humans. The drones that many militaries use for surveillance and even attacking the terrorists. By the end of this year itself, the robotic industry will attain a market cap of $ 46 billion.

According to Gartner, a global research company, Robots will replace over 30% of jobs currently done by Humans as soon as 2025. In addition, Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, predicts that by 2030, human thinking will go hybrid, which means that there will be a mix of biological and Artificial Intelligence.

India is not so far behind; many start-ups mainly focus on designing robotic technologies. 

The trends show that robotic engineering will be one of India’s best future jobs and the world, if not the best!

Fortunately, there are ample best institutions and universities offering courses and certifications in Robotics. 

The Actuarial Science

With the Indian economy expanding, the need for Actuaries is also rising and will rise even further in the future. Moreover, if you love Mathematics, this is one of the best future job opportunities.

Actuaries are the people who undertake the maths and science of insurance which accesses worth, liabilities, and even risk, among many other factors. As a result, financial institutions, including insurance firms and banks, are constantly looking for people who have a knack for designing such investment instruments.

Cyber Security

With the advancement of technology and the use of the internet, people, more than ever, are now using online services, which increases the risk of cybercrime.

Without optimum cybersecurity, your data online is not safe, not even your messages. And cybercrime is on the rise now, and so is the need for cybersecurity specialists.

NASSCOM says that by the end of 2022, India will have 10 lakh job openings for cybersecurity. Moreover, the U.S. firm Burning Glass Technologies Inc noted that there is 12X growth in jobs for cybersecurity on the global level.

Cyber Security courses have the criteria that an aspirant must have a science background in their 10+2 from a recognised examination board.

Back-end Developer

Reports from Mill for Business states there are around 400 websites that are created every minute all across the globe. Additionally, everywhere 4 lakh applications are launched in a year individually on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

In such a scenario, a Back-end developer is a pillar who helps develop the logic behind any website/ software/ application.

To become a back-end developer, one should have good knowledge of C++, C#, and Java. A back-end developer is not a future job opportunity per se, but the demand will only increase with the advancement in technology.

Career Coach

A Career Coach brings out one’s interest to pursue their career and guides the student in their way. However, there are just 500 registered counsellors per 15 lakh candidates, as per a report shared by The Hindu. This alone shows the vast opportunity for career counselling as a future job.

This field needs domain expertise and experience with practical communication skills. 

Though multiple players provide certification, the primary issue is the handholding of New Career Coaches

Data Scientist

The titans like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Financial Institutions used to feat the data of their customers and potential users. Still, now every company understands that it is essential to use their customers’ information to improve their products and services. Thus, a Data scientist finds and analyses the necessary information to build and grow a business.

As the users are ready to provide their information more freely than ever before, the need for data scientists arises. With this, Data Scientist professionals come to a future lead job in India.

Banking Career

The banking sector will take over 3rd position in the world as it is growing at a breakneck pace, especially with the government-owned public-sector banks growing.

Banking is the backbone of a nation’s economy. It can make and break a country. The global crises that shook the world to its very core, many financial institutions running for almost 100 years closed down in an instant; however, India was in a relatively better position with its sound system.

Banking offers many rewarding and lucrative career opportunities, be it the public sector or the private sector.

Drone Operator

Drones are the latest technological addition to their data acquisition methodology. As a result, organisations explore drones’ use in their operations to assess the severity of any disaster or mishap.

The Drone industry in India is expecting a growth of over $ 400 million by 2022. Thus, drone operators‘ requirements will increase, making it one of the best future jobs in India.


The transformation video of Aamir Khan for the Dangal movie inspired many; one can work out in the gym for hours a day, but if the diet is not absolute, one will not get the desired results.

This increase in the desire to get into good shape and reach good health has increased the need for dieticians, thus making it one of the best future jobs in India that you can aim for.

These are the ones who have acquired knowledge about the human body and nutrition and can devise a diet plan which will help you achieve the desired goals unique to your body to reach the desired goal.

One can become a professional with a diverse range of courses related to the Nutrition & Dietetics industry. The comprehensive programs will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, diet and yoga.


“All basketballs are balls, but not all balls are basketballs” same goes with Recruiter.

A recruiter’s job is to find the right talent to fit the organisation. The negotiations and testing of the candidates are the vital roles that a recruiter has to take care of. In the past, the recruiters have deemed a cost to a company. Still, now it is shifting as companies realise how important it is to attain a team member who has the proper skill set and is also in harmony with the vision and culture of the company. Therefore, recruiters are now an asset to the company.


As technology progressed, the need for human interventions in even the smallest of works is going out of fashion. One can control almost all of the electronics at home even when you are not at home; with the help of remotes or AIs like Siri, Alexa, and even Google Assistant, life has become easier but is making us a couch potato.

As people are now undertaking fewer laborious tasks, there has been a rise in injuries like cervical, still neck and back, joint pains, and even sports injury (especially when you play it after long a gap). This lifestyle change has not only bought ease but pain, too, to the human race.

Physiotherapy courses are a lucrative career option for science students who want to work in health.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Development gained worldwide popularity and demand for an IT job role that manifests versatility and excellent IT skills. 

Full Stack developers can handle all servers, clients, engineering, and even database jobs. Therefore, companies are now on the lookout for a person who is more of a “jack of all trades” and can take more responsibilities and complete them with effectiveness and total efficiency, making it one of the best future jobs in India in the coming years.

Closing thoughts 

Take some time and realise what your passions are; irrespective of the career you choose, your growth will always lie in your skillset.

With the advancement of technology, the above-listed are high in-demand jobs in 2022 in both the immediate and long-term future.

It is time to hone skills for the jobs you think you can excel in. Remember, Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the Work.