Take a look  what’s available  and moved ahead
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Take a look what’s available and moved ahead

My career choice took many ups and downs in the past 10+ years. I took harsh twists and turns in career choice. I had to leave the job and career when I was at its peak. I was doing very well in my career and accomplished promotions too. But then, the social responsibility of taking care of kids became my focus. However, as a young mother, I found time to chase my dream of pursuing higher studies with IIT Madras. Thanks to competitive exams, I got the Government of India’s scholarship to complete the entire master’s and doctoral degrees. Going back to school and my kids enabled me to learn at my phase and chase my dreams. Currently, I’m working with Christ University Bangalore after completing my PhD and publishing several articles on varied topics. I feel I cannot stop my career as a choice. It cannot discontinue at any time. However, finding one’s unique way of employment as a path is a choice with a self timeline. It not only provides financial independence but also accomplish the self.