How to Become Computer Operator

computer operator

How to Become Computer Operator

A computer Operator is a professional who is responsible for controlling and managing computer systems and their problems. Operators have immense opportunities in each and every industry or field. The main work for this job is to administer & organize the equipment and software systems.

They also organize and administer the computer data with the help of software. Their aim is to make the working of computers efficient.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of courses, eligibility, skills, and types.

Types of Courses Available For Becoming Computer Operator

There are many courses which are available to become a computer operator. There are courses which are offered at different levels, such as certificate, diploma and graduation courses. Let’s look at the following courses available:-

Certificate Courses – There is an ample number of certificate courses available to become a computer operator. These courses can be cyber security courses, data entry operators, web development, etc. The duration of these courses varies from 6 months to 1 year depending upon the type of course selected by the candidate. But duration also depends from institution to institution.

Diploma Courses – There are various diploma courses available to become a computer operator. These courses can be diploma in windows, diploma in CADD, diploma in computer maintenance, DAC, etc. The duration of these diploma courses can vary from 1 year to 2 years depending upon the type of course selected by the candidate. But duration can vary from institution to institution.

Graduation Course – There are many graduation courses available to become or work in this job profile. There are many options available such as BSc in Computer Science, in Computer Science, in IT, and BA in Computer Applications, etc. These graduation courses give knowledge about basic computer applications, software designs, and also operating systems. A graduation degree is of 3 years.

Eligibility for the Different Courses Available To Become a Computer Operator

Eligibility for Diploma Courses – The basic eligibility is to clear the 12th standard where there are no minimum percentage requirements. However, there are some institutions that require a graduate degree in the computer field to provide diploma courses related to computer Courses.

Eligibility for Graduation Degree – The eligibility for doing a graduation degree is to clear the 12th standard with a minimum aggregate of 50%. It is compulsory to pass the 12th standard with science stream subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science.

Skills Required To Become a Computer Operator

This job requires some set of skills. Some of them are listed below:-

Computer Literacy – The first and the foremost thing to become a computer operator is to have basic computer literacy.

Organizational Skills – A computer operator have various tasks to perform related to software and hardware components which requires good organizational skills

Problem Solving Skills – As a operator one of your tasks will be to solve the problems which your clients face. This means that you should have good problem-solving skills

Analytical Skills – A computer operator needs analytical skills to analyze data and make decisions to solve critical problems.

Types of Computer Operator

Listed below are some of the job profiles:-

  1. Database Manager
  2. C. O. Supervisor
  3. Cloud Computing Expert/ Mainframe Operator
  4. Data Entry Operator
  5. Computer Operator Technician

Salary Package

The salary package varies from profession to profession. But the basic salary for a fresher is about somewhere between Rs.3 lakh per annum to Rs.7 lakh per annum. However, it completely depends upon the individual’s talent how good a package he or she can fetch. Also, with the increase in experience, the salary package also increases.

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