Career Education in India, Where Are We? Where Are We Going?


Career Education in India, Where Are We? Where Are We Going?

Education in India has changed rapidly. Education in India is considered the most important part of your life. Because it decides your future.

From using chalkboards to using white boards and shifting to e-learning platforms, education in India has changed quickly.

Education in India, Where are we going?

As from almost the past 35 years we are following the same schooling and college education in India.

Change in School Education in India

With the change in time, the change in education policy is very important. Till now, we follow a 10+2 education system, but now, with the change in policy we will follow a 5+3+3+4 Education Structure in India. There will be no separation between Science, Commerce, Arts and Vocational Streams, any student can choose any subject according to his/her will. Internships and vocational education will be taught from class 6.

Change in After 12th Education in India

So, we all know that there is a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree you first need to complete. However, in the New Education Policy, the students can complete a 3- or 4-year degree even with a break. If you study that course for one year, you will get a certificate.

If you study that course for two years, you will get a diploma certificate. If you do that course for three years, you will get a bachelor’s degree. If you study for 4 years, you will get a bachelor’s degree with research.

Need For Career Counselling

When we talk about shifting from school to college for graduation or for a diploma, things are very different.

There are so many options available for career education in India. There are more than 200 career options available and students have a great opportunity to follow their passion and hobbies into a good career option. But the problem is, students only know about 7 career courses in India.

These 7 career options include- Medicine, Law, Management, Accounts and Finance, Design, Engineering, Computer Applications and IT. Other career education in India is not known by the students. They only know about career options that are most famous. Many of the students are unable to find a perfect education for themselves because they don’t know other options they can pursue. Here comes the need for Career Counselling

To know about best career opportunities and proper guidance for your career, career counselling is very important after 12th. It’s very difficult for a student or a teacher to know everything about every career. So, you need a professional, who is an expert and will give you the best career advice possible.

Career counsellors are the one who understand you better with all your strengths, weaknesses and talents and provide you with the best possible guidance related to your career. It is the process of understanding a person’s strength, weakness, interests, abilities and gathering all these things and guide the most suitable career option and perfect education for it.

Career Counselling not only guides the students for career but also gives them the confidence to make future career decisions correctly.

However, we think that we are knowledgeable enough and don’t need a career counsellor. Well, we need to understand that each of us need some kind of guidance, advice and support at a point in life. This point of your life is very crucial and it can be life changing as well.

If you choose a career that you are not interested in, just remember! You have to do it for the rest of your life which can be frustrating.

Importance of Career Counselling

1. Career counselling helps to pick right career for an individual: – Career Counsellors are professional experts who evaluate interests, abilities and many other factors. So that they can guide you to a perfect career according to your personality, knowledge and interests.

2. Career counselling helps us with the expert knowledge: – You can’t expect a normal person, a parent or a student to have knowledge of all education fields. You need to meet an expert who has all the knowledge you need to know regarding your career. In short words you need to meet a career counsellor who is an expert and professional.

3. Career counselling helps to provide peace in mind: – When a student wants to decide his/her career, she/he becomes anxious and maybe she/he can be frustrated because he/she is unable to decide things for the future. Career counselors are the one who can sort things out as they establish a friendly bond with the student and the student is free to share his/her thoughts.

They help to bring focus to students where required and helps to reduce frustration and anxiousness. The main thing is that they bring clarity of thought by guiding students for their career which automatically brings peace to their minds.


We come to the conclusion that – education in India has been improved a lot. From using chalkboards and whiteboards, we have shifted to an e-learning education in India. Things are complicated now, students with a science stream can’t choose economics as a subject. But now with the New Education Policy, students will be able to choose any subjects they want.

. This system will give very amazing opportunities to students to do what they enjoy. But with these all-vast varieties of career opportunities, students will need career counselling as well. Career counselling will surely be beneficial for students who are confused about their career. Career counselling can give students confidence that they are going in the right direction.

So, Education in India has changed and to get a better knowledge about career, you need to see a career counsellor.