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One of the best books for acceptable parenting practices said by Padmapriya Arun Kumar during the Well read series today while interacting with Sunanda Rao.

Padmapriya Arun Kumar spoke about the 250-pager book which is full of wonders, values, information, life experiences with children and learning engagements. It is a treasure for parents, who aspire to bring out the best from their child and teachers, for their students. Every page tells us the situation of a child and the way it has to be handled. It concentrates more on using what nature has given humans – the five senses. Learning becomes the best if all the reasons are given its appropriate work for a child to become a good learner. This book is a teaching tool for parents. It brings out the teacher within them. For a teacher, it is a teacher by itself.

The four skills of a language- listening, speaking, reading and writing are well designed with innovative ideas that the author has experienced with her child and children in her school.

Listening does not focus only on learning vocabulary and sentences; it has touched upon sounds in nature and music being a part of the learning tool. Reading strategy is based on Dr Glen Doman’s system. It uses flashcards and explains the exact way to use them for it to work. Any child can read fluently with understanding. It is well understood that speaking comes from listening. The author has given tips to bring out the speaking skill in a child. Similarly, there is a touch on learning the right way for spelling the vocabulary.

The best part is the interconnectedness between each subject of focus. A concept is not taught only in one particular area. A person who teaches Math can include language vocabulary. He learns both Math and English. Similarly, a fantastic example of analogy on rivers related to life in the area of Geography. Many such examples make parents and teachers, better creative thinkers.

The author has not stopped there; she has covered the emotional growth of the child. Apart from being regular teaching of values, she believes that the values should be age-appropriate and not the monotonous way of saying, don’t lie, don’t steal etc. It will develop a child’s personality, required in the present world scenario amongst the heavy competition.

Finally, the book teaches empathy. Let’s understand the child before giving him what one has decided. There are a few experiences that are shared to know how to value your child’s feelings too.

So, don’t miss reading the book & do watch out the session.