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One & Done is a book of creating a happy family with a single child

In the Good read webinar session, I interacted today with Kareena Bhambhani on ONE & DONE book it made an attempt to address most of the challenges of being parents of a single child. This book by Veronica Dsouza is a very unique & much-needed one.

One and Done is a treat to the readers with the author’s insights on her parental journey.

 The chapters in the book are touching and are with an enriching experience and parental strategies to implement. 

One and Done is addressed on sharing, spirituality, decision making, gratitude and responsibility. 

The way the author has shared her own experiences to raise the child is fantastic and memorable. One and Done is undoubtedly a treasure.

After reading, Ms Kareena felt each chapter has the un-folded story for parents to realize that parenting journey is beautiful and a learning experience. 

The book is well segmented into praises, introductions, author notes, interviews, and finally the main content. One and Done have practical and real-life experiences for parents who want to have a happy family with a single child. 

Each time she read a chapter, She got connected with new insights about the child’s upbringing. The strategies for raising a physically and emotionally healthy child are highlighted. We, as a parent should avoid being overprotective for our children, is well explained. 

The book is a self-help book and coaches parents how to make a happy family. The author aims to help and foster the parents who need clarity and justification to stand on their decision to create a happy family with just one child.

Outstanding and excellent book!!! 

Ms Kareena highly recommended this book!