Textile Designer- Top Universities and Salary

Textile Designer

Textile Designer- Top Universities and Salary

Textile Designers are the professionals who work in textile mills and the clothing business and design woven, knitted, and printed fabrics or materials.

To become a textile designer, you will need skills and knowledge in designing and textile technologies as you will frequently have to design new materials as per the client’s choice.

You should be an expert in designing, but also know about fabric texture, material, etc. As a textile designer, you will be designing clothes, towels, linen, sheets, curtains, carpet, and many other clothes.

If you are an artist and looking forward to pursuing your art in your career, you have several options for learning textile design at top universities that are mentioned below:

  1. National Institute Of Design, Ahmedabad
  2. National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Navi Mumbai
  3. Pearl Academy West Campus, New Delhi
  4. National Institute Of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  5. National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
  6. National Institute Of Design, Vijayawada
  7. Satyam Fashion Institute, Noida
  8. Gandhi Institute Of Fashion And Textile, Ahmedabad
  9. International Institute Of Fine Arts, Modinagar
  10. The Design Village, Noida

The above top universities’ program fees are around between one lakh to five lakh.

Salary expectations will differ greatly depending on education, skills location, company, and experience. Salary also ranges depending on the distinction of the designer, with individuals who have three to four years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the textile industry making much more.

Victorious independent textile designers can make many times better the salary of the highest-paid salaried employee.

The average salary of a Textile Designer is Rs. 3,71,878. In beginning, the salary is a bit low, but with time going you will find that the salary will increase.



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