Scope & Career in Foreign Languages

Career in Foreign Languages

Scope & Career in Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages are the main theme of communication in every aspect of human effort–be it in the social, economic, or political area.

With modern-day Indians appearing as a universe players in the socio-economic scheme of things, it has become required for every individual to be well-appointed.

The skill to maintain consistency with the rest of the world’s national and international players is operation-critical. One can accomplish this through the fundamental of communication, which lies in the invaluable procedure of using multiple languages.

Career Prospects

Foreign languages in India offer a huge range of career opportunities within the country. You can learn a foreign language, like Italian, French, etc. to find a high salary package in India. There are many options for foreign language experts in India.

When you learned a foreign language, it opens the door for various career options and makes your future bright.

The future of learning foreign languages is at an all-time high, on being able to learn a language and have obtained fluency in the foreign language.

After learning, a person can expect of becoming a foreign language specialist, interpreter, and translator or you can get a job in multinational companies or even a person gets a job in other countries at different levels and platforms like Entertainment, Tourism, Teaching, Online Content writing, etc.


For Undergraduate

One is considered eligible if the candidate has cleared XII class from a recognized board along with a minimum aggregate of 45%.

Admissions are merit-based and some colleges may conduct entrance exams under their own rules.

For Postgraduate

The candidate has to hold a bachelor’s degree in the related field with at least an aggregate of 5o% or above.

Admissions in master’s level foreign language courses are merit-based but some colleges may conduct entrance exams of their own.


The translator can expect to get between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 as far as a beginner is concerned. After gaining high job experience one can earn Rs 40,000 above per month. If a person is cleared the graduation in European languages like French or German so may he/she get around Rs 50,000 to Rs 90,000 per month.