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Authored by Brig (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil

If one has to climb a mountain, what is one thing one needs the most? Most of the replies would be Passion, Courage, Training, Willingness, etc. What needed the most is the ‘Mountain’ itself because it is the size of the ‘Mountain’ which will decide whether one needs passion, training, or courage, etc. 

Goals lead to success. If two football teams are made to play a match without a ‘Goal Post’, what will be the outcome of the game? Nothing. Achievements of ‘Goals’ lead to success and thereby happiness! 

Let us toss a ‘4H’ Model to achieve ‘Life’s Goals’

The first ‘H’ signifies ‘Head’, which means keeping the head high and living a dignified life should be the starting point. Second ‘H’ stands for ‘Heart’, implying that there should be self-belief, conviction, and purpose in whatever we do. The third ‘H’ stands for ‘Hand’, which means once we know where our heart is, we should have no ego or inhibitions to work to achieve our goals. The fourth ‘H’ is ‘Harvest’, which means all the good things in life will come automatically to you, once the first 3 ‘H’s follows the given. 

There may be failures, but one must stand ‘Determined’ to harvest the goodies of life. 

A few examples to illustrate it. 

NBA (National Basketball Association) League of USA, considered a premier professional men’s league in the world. Michael Jordan, an all-time great basketball player of the NBA, played in the company for several years. In his own words, he said, he missed 3000 shots in his career, lost over 300 games, 26 times when his team trusted him to take a game-winning shot, he missed it. He said, ‘I have failed repeatedly but never quitted’. 

Sachin Tendulkar was out 34 times at ‘Duck’ during his cricketing career. Twenty times at duck in ‘One Day International’ (ODI). It is the record for any Indian Player to be out at maximum duck in ODI, but he is also the most successful player in the world to score 100 centuries in international test cricket. 

The right arm leg spinner bowler, Anil Kumble, is the record holder for giving away maximum boundaries in ODI vis-a-vis any other Indian Bowler. But he is also the only one who has taken 619 wickets in Test Cricket and took four wickets or more in an innings 66 times. 

There are several such inspirational true stories around us, in our everyday life. The pertinent question comes to our mind that despite failures, why do some people are phenomenally successful in their life, business, jobs, etc. and some are not!

Let us try to understand the logic behind success and put it in the right perspective! 

There are two parts of a personality; Non-negotiable Personality & Negotiable Personality.

Non-negotiable Personality- It is that slice of the personality of a human being that cannot be negotiated/bargained. How one looks like, the colour of skin/height/shape of eyes/background/gender/where one is born, etc. cannot be negotiated. It does not make a difference in one’s story of success or performance.

Negotiable Personality. It is entirely up to us how we negotiate in the face of challenges. Whether we quit or stand steadfast to overcome challenges/failures, decide our success story! Have a Ph.D. to outperform/succeed in life: 

  1. Passion: Intense desire or boundless enthusiasm to achieve goals.
  2. Hunger: It is a deep-seated core feeling that you will do whatever it takes to achieve the result you are after, and you will not stop until you reach it. 
  3. Discipline: It is the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work or behave in a way, without needing anyone else to tell you what to do. 

Remember, an old saying, if you love what you do, you do not have to work even a day in your life! 

Thus, 4 H and Ph.D. Models is a recipe for success and happiness!