What’s My “Personal Brand” and Why Do I Need One?
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What’s My “Personal Brand” and Why Do I Need One?

What’s My “Personal Brand” and Why Do I Need One?

When we think of building a brand, we think of a company. But do we think of ourselves when we think about building a brand? Or Personal Brand?

Branding has become one of the most mainstream subjects in building up a brand and a business. For a business or a company, it is very common and even important for building up a brand. On this brand value, they earn money and businesses get successful.

Have you ever thought of building up your brand? A Brand is not your company or business, it is you! We can also say that a Brand helps an individual to grow more effectively and efficiently in a different way that no other way can provide. Both effective and efficient not in the ways of an office environment but a socially active environment.

Also, like businesses earn and get successful on brand value, an individual can also earn and become successful by building up his or her Brand.

Basically, what branding consists of is building up a marketing strategy for a business to give it next-level opportunities. Likewise, Personal Brand is all about marketing yourself that is your thoughts, values, experiences, and more.

In this article, you will get to know about what is your own Brand? What is the need for your own Brand? What are the tips to build up your own Brand?

What Is My Personal Brand?

A Brand is all about you and yourself. Brand as the same suggests that it may be unique to an individual or a person. It is correct, a brand is something which is unique to a single person. This uniqueness is related to his or her personality, attitudes, experiences, knowledge, values, and skills.

Brand is the image people see of you. Personal Brand, refers to building up you, your own self as a brand to the audience or public.  What and how do people perceive you and your thoughts and experiences. A personal brand to depict you as the person you want to be.

A Brand is about how you present yourself to the audience you connect with and how the people or audience you connect with look up to you. Both online and offline.

This is basically how you promote yourself. The better you present your thoughts, emotions, experiences, knowledge and skills the better you connect with the people. So, in a way, your brand can also be thought of as how other people perceive you.

A brand to depict you as the person you want to be. A Brand should be built with well-etched characteristics and appeal.

If you want the world to look up to you, you have to create your own Personal Brand. Developing your own Personal Brand can take some time. But when it’s done, it has unlimited benefits.

Some examples of people who have or has their own Personal Brand are:-

  1. Narendra Modi
  2. Amitabh Bachchan
  3. Ratan Tata
  4. Virat Kohli
  5. APJ Abdul Kalam
  6. Elon Musk
  7. Michelle Obama
  8. Kim Kardashian West
  9. Sachin Tendulkar
  10. Deepika Padukone

What is the need for your own Personal Brand?

Personal Brand is something that can be very helpful to you professionally. This is because it gives you an opportunity to connect to the people or audience in a way that you want them to, not in the way others portray you.

The main aim of creating a personal brand is to increase your circle of influence and have a large impact on the audience or people. This both, directly and indirectly, helps you to advance your career.

You need your own Personal Brand because you have an opportunity to highlight yourself. The audience will not only see your values, experiences, attitude, skills, knowledge, etc. but they will also look at your passion and your strength.

What are the tips to build up your own Personal Brand?

For building up your own Personal Brand, you might have to struggle in starting because Personal Brands don’t build up overnight, it takes time. Reasons can be different for building up a Personal Brand, but some tips remain the same.

Let’s look at the tips that will help you to build your own Personal Brand.

  1. Be Focused
  2. Be Genuine
  3. Tell or Share A Story
  4. Consistency
  5. Live Yourself i.e Live Your Personal Brand

Be Focused

The first & foremost thing before building up your own personal brand is to narrow down on the topics you have to focus on. Many people lost their true identity while providing everything for everyone. This should not be your case.

Decide what is the best you can provide to your audience. Once you decide what you want to focus on, it will become much easier to create content for your own personal brand.

Be Genuine

Being genuine is another thing or tip you should follow. Being genuine means that you’re content regarding your personal brand, should be authentic. That means, it should not be copied from anywhere or from anyone’s content. The more genuine and authentic content you provide, the more you attract the audience.

Tell or Share a Story

The next step is to share or tell a story. This is basically about building or creating a unique story for your audience. You have to seek the attention of the audience so, share a story that is compelling and has the potential to attract an audience. Your story should have covered three things that are:-

  1. Who are you? & what services or products do you provide? Or what can you do for them?
  2. Showcase your skills, talents, experiences, values, and accomplishments.
  3. Outline proof of your reliability and trustworthiness.


It is very important for a personal brand to remain consistent. This means that you have to stick to a specific range of topics or a single topic and narrow down your research and development of your Personal Brand. People or the audience will recognize you from your consistency more easily.

Live yourself i.e. Live Your Personal Brand

Don’t let go of your main idea or your main motive for building up your own brand. This means that you don’t focus on what others are doing, do what you feel, and live your brand. Don’t get mixed thoughts by seeing others. You just have to believe in who you are and what is the reason for your brand.