What does “networking is your net worth” mean? Networking means to make connections with as many people as you can. These connections are genuine connections. These connections help you build your net worth.

Many people don’t like networking. But networking is an important business skill. Many people think that networking means only to shake hands or exchange business cards and one day they will remember you and give you the opportunity. No this is not networking!

Networking is something in which you have trusted professional people with different skills. They are the people who can help you in advance and at different times so that you can save your energy, time, efforts and money.

Your network brings you new opportunities. It connects you with more and more people. It makes you stronger professionally. So, for building a good network, it is not enough to just meet and pay greetings, but you have built your network by putting efforts in it. You need to give time and gradually your network will become stronger.

Ways To Build: Networking as Your Net Worth

1. Make genuine friends, not contacts – You need to make friends, not only contact! When you say that I know that person in that company. If you have met him/her in an event and then you say you know him/her. Do you think that he or she will help you? I don’t think so!

On the other hand, if you say that- that person in so and so company is my friend, you will definitely get help from him or her because of the reason- he or she is Your Friend.

So, how did that person become your friend? Probably, you might have met him/her at the weekend or you have grabbed coffee after your office timings. It does not mean making friends to climb the career ladder. Everyone can know who is a genuine friend and who is not. You have to make friends with your heart.

2. Good listener – One of the best qualities which is not present in many people is good listing skills. Many of us don’t know how important it is to be a good listener. For e.g. If you and your friend are talking about something, and you don’t get a chance to speak. How will you feel? You will feel that he or she only speaks his or her part and doesn’t listen to me.

So, when you are a good listener people trust you and feel safe to share all the secrets and problems with you.

So, this quality of yours will help you make a good network. People will trust you and respect you. They will also help you when you need them because you helped them when there was nobody to listen to them.

3. Introduction – This is a great way to start a new conversation with someone. For e.g. If you go in a business event, then you get to know someone who your friend knows. Other than that, you or they don’t have anything share. So, you can go ahead and ask for their introduction.

I don’t think he/she or even you will ask for their introduction. Asking and giving introduction is such an underrated way for starting up new conversations. When you give your introduction, you need to be more informative about your life.

For e.g. tell them what is your daily routine, you go for walking at the park or you go to gym etc. So, that the other person starts trusting you. So, like this the conversations can last long and you can take advantage of their network as well.

4. Tell your career story – After you make the other person comfortable by giving and taking the introduction, you can tell your story of success. For e.g. How did you manage to get over all the hurdles and make your company one of the best companies? This story of yours, will make the other person more comfortable with you. They might make good assumptions for you.

Make sure your story is real not a fake one, because it can easily be recognized that you are not telling your real story. Sharing your real story can be beneficial for you.

Some of the examples you can share are: –

  • You are honest.
  • You are a hardworking person.
  • Your work ethics are result of your success.

So, these are some points you can include but make sure you are being honest with them.

5. Give, give, give and then take – Yes! You heard it right. In Networking, which eventually increase your Noteworthy have to think of: – How you can help that person, not how you can take help from them. Whenever you do a thing for that person, For e.g. You help them to reach their goal by making a use one of your connections, you are automatically adding up to your relationship, your friendship.

You are building trust. You are making efforts. On the other hand, if you just met that person and you ask for favor, they will know that you only want to use them. And honestly, nobody wants them to be used. So, the rule is: – Give first!!

6. Keep your Words – No one is going to recommend a person who is not reliable. If you want to make your network, you need to make it with your heart. You have to be honest and reliable. Keeping your words is directly related to your image or reputation. For eg.

If someone says to you that he/she will do this and then he/she does not do that and makes excuses for the work. Will you trust them again for your work? No! You will not! So, keep your words because it is directly related to your reputation. This will also help you to keep your networks safe.

Benefits of Networking

  • More Knowledge – Networking is great for sharing new ideas, opportunities, new techniques etc. Networking also helps to know things from another perspective.
  • Self- Confidence – By talking to more and more people and making a network or connection, will definitely make you more confident because you know that building up more and more connections will help you in future.


  • Raise Your Profile – When you have more and more networks, you will get noticed. By attending all business events and all social events, you can make more and more connections.
  • When you help others by giving them knowledge and tips, the person will recognize you and see you as a reliable, supportive and knowledgeable person. This helps you to gain more reputation. This will automatically add up to your profile.


From this article we get to know that NETWORKING IS YOUR NET WORTH! This means that you need to have more and more networks in the field of your work. You have to be a reliable and helpful person. Networking means to make genuine friends.

One of the fundamentals of networking is – GIVE, GIVE, GIVE AND THEN TAKE! In return for being a helpful and reliable person, you will gain more knowledge from your networks. You will also have more self-confidence by coming out from your comfort zone and making more and more networks.

This will in turn raise your profile and further will give you more and more opportunities.