The increasing scope and career opportunities of Journalism & Mass Communication Studies

Journalism and Mass Communication

In the 21st century, we are all connected through many different means of communication. The information related to many things such as weather reports, crime news, sports updates, political news, etc. is delivered to us with the help of technology and mass media (Journalism and Mass Communication). Every day we can see new reports from the media.

The best way to receive in this field is to pursue a degree in mass communication and journalism. Mass communication includes studying how information can be delivered to a large audience successfully. Journalism trains students to research current affairs and spread it amongst the masses through televisions, radios, or print media like newspapers, magazines, blogs, articles, etc.

Scope and Career Opportunities

A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication brings an opportunity to work under/with creative, well-educated people who inspire you to do well and make a shining future. The scope of mass media and journalism as a field is increasing day by day and there is never an absence of job opportunities.

If you can do well in this field, you can work with some of the experienced and best production houses, news channels, radio channels, publishing houses, etc.

List of Career Options in Journalism and Mass Communication:


You can get into the media lines and explore different multiple profiles including television and film directors or producers. For that of you who have a talent to entertain people through various sources.

Content Writer

Content writers create different types of content for print and digital media. Their duties may include writing articles, blogs, advertisements, website copy, product descriptions, brochures, and social media posts. You can write about anything but with a specific purpose.

Digital Marketer

It involves planning, implementing, managing, and overseeing marketing operations across different digital networks to promote brands. They need to be creative, have experience, and understand social media. They organize contests and events and collaborate with social media influencers to increase the company profile publicity.

Event Manager

Event managers are also known as event coordinators or planners and undertake the planning, organizing, and managing of various private and public events.

These can include family events, business events, sports events, award functions, celebratory events, conferences, seminars, and promotional events. Their work involves finding and booking venues, getting permits, and negotiating with sponsors.

Public Relations Professional

With the extending awareness in organizations regarding their company image, the demand for PR professionals has grown rapidly. Working on client description, they identify the client’s purpose and target audience or people and conduct the appropriate industry, market, and consumer research.

Top Recruiters

  1. Balaji Telefilms
  2. Times of India Group
  3. Zee Tv Network
  4. NDTV Network
  5. Star India
  6. Reliance Enterainment


If you are a fresher then the income is between 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. After increasing or gaining your experience, you can expect a salary of Rs. 70,000 to 1,50,000 per month and also it depends upon your degree as well.