Is Interventional Radiology the future?

Interventional Radiology

Since the quick years of the settlers, Interventional radiology has regularly converted its mind and appearance, with new therapeutic concepts or ideas and innovative methods emerging and obtaining the consideration of the scientific group through a various range of demands.

Innovation surely has been the foundation of the signs of progress of this subspecialty; the motive of this lesson’s abstract is to study the more recent topics of care that have come up over the previous last years and will be developing in the future, according to the further growth of Interventional Radiology.

There is a myth that you cannot have your own setup easily due to the high cost of machinery, but one thing everyone must know is that interventional radiology is not restricted to aneurysm coiling, it includes image-guided biopsies also, which can be done with a basic setup.

It is a branch which gives immense options for sub-specialty, as the scope is really broad. You can get a job in a corporate hospital at high pay, or you can establish a basic practice in a tier 2 city.

There are many good things in Interventional Radiology, but there are some downsides too.

  1. You have to compete with other specialists, like neurologists/neurosurgeons for Neuroradiology procedures.
  2. You have to be dependent on other specialists to refer your cases, the cuts/commissions also play a major role.
  3. Your role will be restricted to a certain procedure only, and the patient will only recognize that particular specialist for the treatment of that disease.
  4. The branch is so wide, you cannot practice everything, you have to subspecialise.
  5. You have to explain what your specialty is to your non-medical friends and relatives.

Overall, it’s up to you how you will compete with other specialists. If you have the willpower to deal with every problem then there is no downside for you.

Interventional radiology is an advantageous specialty, so many interventional radiologists will become the main income producer of the family.