International Students Will Get More Consumer Power

Today’s covid-19 pandemic situation has adversely affected the higher education system. Due to this health crisis, students and the traditional global higher education system has been affected very badly.

It has also adversely affected the countries which highly rely on international student fee income. Such countries include- US, UK and Australia.

The outburst of covid-19 has poured water on dreams of many students who wish to study in foreign universities or wish to study in foreign countries.

It was something that no one could imagine. This has impacted the students and their will to study abroad because, students rethink their opinions after a period of extreme turmoil.

There has been recorded a fall in the students who have travelled internationally due to the covid-19 pandemic situations. The fall is recorded in crisis in the short to medium term, and perhaps even in the long run.

It is a gap that hit hard on the education ecosystem in many ways such as- from the delivery and cost of degrees, through the emergence of new, credible alternatives to universities.

Major geopolitical shifts in the knowledge economy as traditionally strong western institutions are disproportionately harmed by the crises and economic fallout.

This means that financial institutions have been disproportionately damaged by the crisis and its economic collapse.

As we stated above, there are many countries who are highly dependent upon tuition income of international students. These countries include the UK, US, Australia and also Canada.

Countries and universities will have to work harder and compete with each other to recruit international students.

This may help put students and their families in the driver’s seat, empower more consumers and potentially increase their choices and opportunities.

As we all know, it is very difficult for other countries or India to change their policies when it comes to international students.

However, to make sure that students do not face any problem and they can study smoothly, the government and foreign universities are making it as easy as possible for foreign students to study abroad.

There are constant changes in travel restrictions and laws, so that students can study in a foreign university without any tension.

Which automatically helps international students to regain more and more consumer power.

This gives an opportunity to students and their families to list down as per their choices not as per the Universities or Countries choices.

This gives them a great opportunity to be in the driver seat and increase their choices with the increase in their potential and gain more consumer power.


Students are reconsidering their applications from foreign universities because of lack of clarity about the situation, will it be improved or not.

Foreign universities have come to common solutions, they offer prerecorded lectures, live online classes, online assignments, open book examinations etc.

until circumstances are improved. Traditional mode of teaching is still not possible in these situations.

This has promoted:-


As the technology is improving, the development in online or distance learning will provide a wide range of options for international students. For example- live online classes, prerecorded lectures etc.

This provides access to a variety of prestigious institutions that were previously unattainable by many students through the costs of traditional on-campus learning, travel, and difficult and often exorbitant visa processes. It will be possible.


Before the pandemic situation, online learning was not so developed. We never focused much on online learning. No one thought that a situation like COVID-19 would occur one day.

And hence, we feel that perhaps 10 years of development and progress towards remote online learning have taken place in just a few months.

As a result of the pandemic, there is a rapid development in technology which ensures and aims to improve in the right direction and deliver great results for students studying online.

In many countries, distance learning has improved the overall involvement and interaction of students in class. This helps students to enhance their overall learning experience.

Hopefully, technology in online learning platforms will provide a more personalized student experience. This involves paying more attention to individuals and interventions. It also opens up more exciting collaborations with other students.


Taking admission in Foreign University is not an easy task. It requires a lot of documentation. We all know that, to get an admission in foreign university, we have to clear some tests like IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL but some of the universities have waived their requirements for these tests. 

Also, many of the universities have reduced or many of them have waive off fees for several courses. This has been a good approach for foreign university education to make students stress free.

So, I think that foreign university education in India will definitely regain its momentum.

By this, students now have more power in their hands to decide what is not just better for them, but what is best for them.

By providing an easy process of Foreign University Education, international students will surely get more consumer power.


Due to the pandemic, physical movement of students and faculty has stopped. While flights were suspended and the country closed, there was a truly global partnership between universities around the world to treat, test, and ultimately develop vaccines for the virus.

In the middle of the pandemic, when flights were suspended and the Countries were closed, there was a truly global partnership between universities around the world to treat, test and ultimately develop vaccines for the virus.

From this, we learn that universities are the key to solving the world’s major challenges, such as food security and climate change.

This means that major universities will stay focused and global, continue to share and collaborate across borders, and always welcome talent from around the world.


India has achieved the target of vaccinating more than 100 crore people. As vaccination has gained momentum, foreign universities are welcoming Indian students with open arms.

Not only in India, there are many countries which have focused on vaccinating people and have achieved their target. This has given international students an opportunity to study abroad.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (which handles the application process for British universities) has noted a 30 per cent increase in undergraduate university applications despite precautionary travel restrictions.

As foreign universities have waived requirements of English language proficiency tests like- IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL, more and more International Students feel confident about studying in a foreign university.

Universities also offer International Students HYBRID PLAN!

What is a hybrid plan?

Many of the foreign universities offer hybrid plans to students. Hybrid plans give students an opportunity to start a course in India and finish it in another country.

If you are wondering about studying abroad, you should consider the pros and cons of studying abroad as an international student.

What are Pros and Cons of studying abroad?

Pros of Studying Abroad

Learning a new foreign language

This will help you to improve your language skills. This can be very helpful for your career because you never know where and what kind of language you will need to work in.

This also helps to give one more star in your CV. You can have better job opportunities and it can also be fun for many of us to learn new languages.


Studying abroad can boost your confidence because you will have to face many challenges once you leave your own country.

You will also experience new things. And once you can overcome these things, automatically you will gain confidence.

Advanced Level of Education

If you get admission into a good foreign university, you will get a great opportunity for advanced learning and education techniques.

This will give you a really good experience and it will also improve your learning.

Change in Your Life

Yes, your life will completely change if you study abroad. You will have to get out of your comfort zone and adapt to the new lifestyle in a new country.

You will learn how to become independent and how to be more responsible. Your parents can’t come after you all the time.

You have to be more independent as- you have to manage your finances, you have to cook yourself, and you have to wash your clothes yourself.

This will give you a sense of responsibility and you will become really independent.

Cons of Studying Abroad


Studying abroad is quite expensive. You need to have enough money to be able to manage your daily chores.

So, you need to have enough money in order to avoid running out of money in a foreign country after a while.

Communication Problem

If you are not good at the domestic language, you will face issues in communication.

So, if you wish to study abroad, learn that language, so that you don’t face problems communicating with others.


You have to be mentally prepared so that you don’t miss your family and friends that much. Many students are unable to understand and manage their new lifestyle and feel homesick.

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