How to navigate through the Career Hurdles
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How to navigate through the Career Hurdles

Many of us have heard the axiom, “women must work twice as hard as men to receive the same recognition.” Women need to navigate these complex spaces throughout their careers while remaining true to themselves.

Here is the Key Mantra which can let Women navigate through the hurdles of their careers:
• If any of you women needs to be successful, be passionate about what you do.
• Each one of us must believe that we are capable of doing the work and proving it, instead of not throwing her hat in the ring for consideration because of self-doubt
• Believing in your success is a vital part of achieving it. No matter how crazy your ideas might seem, believe in your abilities and fight to get your voice heard. Doing this will give you the confidence and the drive you need to carry out your idea.
• Ask yourself how far you would go if you were not afraid of anything. Suppose you want to affect change in your career. In that case, you need to steer clear from the safest path towards a steady income and choose the way less travelled
• Best way to overcome fear is to acknowledge it: Recognize the fear is there, but do it anyway
• Successful women do not make careless and impulsive decisions; however, they take calculated risks after careful planning and research
• Do not demand excellence from yourself. Wasting your valuable time trying to achieve the ever-indescribable perfection will only cause frustration, dissatisfaction and confidence loss.

Instead, imbibe these key mantras of Passion, Self-belief and planning to achieve success!!!