Liking your Job will help you Succeed
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Liking your Job will help you Succeed

I started my journey as a psychologist in 2017. So it’s been five years now. Before that, I was merely a teacher and an entrepreneur of my Coaching Academy. People say that I am an outstanding teacher, and I have proven this. My result with my students was always 100%.

I charged a little higher than other teachers. Parents were satisfied with my teaching skills, and students were happy too. As a teacher, I have an experience of more than 15 years. I started my career as a teacher in my teens. I bloomed as a brilliant teacher. Many of my students got settled in their respective careers and were successful. I saw them becoming professionals and growing in their careers. I was satisfied with my income. But after 12 years of my teaching, I was not happy with my profession, although I earned well. I lost interest in education. There were several reasons behind this. First of all, there was no certainty in my work. It was like proving yourself every day.

If performance is good, Parents will take tuitions. I felt disrespected sometimes. Parents want good results whether their kid’s I.Q. is less. My students constantly improved in their studies. So, parents switched to cheaper coachings thinking that now their kids would study themselves. Finally, I decided to quit teaching, and I wouldn’t say I liked this profession. I thought about my growth and raised my degree and diplomas. I learnt many courses to improve myself and my skills. Slowly I realized that I m a people person. Today I am a successful mental health worker. I improved my mental health and have healed thousands of lives.

I’ve my YouTube channel to spread awareness among people. No insecurity in my work because every day, people contact me. I provide internships also to psychology students. Today I m a growing entrepreneur. I wanted respect, success, self-growth, and security in my career choice as a woman. Also, I enjoyed my time with my family and friends, which I have now. Now no pressure of work on me as I work as per my convenience. I have realized that being interested in your work is the key to success and happiness.