Editorial Calendar for Career Beacon – A Complete Guide of Content 2023
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Editorial Calendar for Career Beacon – A Complete Guide of Content 2023


As a magazine dedicated to providing valuable career advice and insights, we at Career Beacon understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and developments in our field. 

If you’re a content creator, you know the importance of maintaining and organising an editorial calendar.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the Career Beacon 2023’s editorial calendar, that is why it’s essential for content creators, and how to create one for the upcoming year. 

Read on to find out how to use an editorial calendar to your advantage in 2023!

Our Editorial Calendar is Ready

Our editorial calendar is a living document that we will update as we go along, so be sure to check back regularly to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in your field

At Career Beacon, we prioritise keeping up with the newest trends and advancements in our field. 

Our editorial calendar is crafted to provide our Undergraduate audience.

The editorial calendar has various topics.

Such as job search tactics for specific sectors, career progress tips and advice on creating a personal brand.

Industries in Focus

Our editorial calendar is a great way to stay organised, plan, and reach your marketing goals. 

It’s also a valuable tool for creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. 

We’ve incorporated tech, healthcare, finance, Cyber Security and mobility & logistics industries pertinent to their position in the final year of their degree.

Here is our editorial calendar for 2023 for Quarter 1

January: This month’s edition of “New Year, New Career” is geared towards helping you reach your job goals in the coming year.

It’ll feature pieces from resume writing and networking to mapping out a career path that resonates with your unique skills and interests. 

Plus, it’ll provide access to powerful resources and advice to help move your search forward.

February: This edition of “Women in Leadership” will recognise the accomplishments and reflections of top female professionals.

Additionally, we’ll guide career-oriented women, including advice on salary negotiations and progressions.

To help further empower female workers, we will feature mentoring and sponsorship programs for workplace development.

March: This edition of “Career Advancement for Millennials” focuses on providing guidance and plans for young professionals to further their professional trajectory.

Network building, crafting a personal identity, and honing abilities necessary to succeed in the chosen field are some topics that will be covered.

Here is our editorial calendar for 2023 for Quarter 2

April: This edition of “Freelancing and Entrepreneurship” will be invaluable to those aspiring to establish a business or become independent workers.

It offers a wide range of advice, from making a business plan and executing marketing strategies to managing finances for both ventures.

May: This edition of “STEM careers” will guide people seeking a career change and provide stories of successful transitions.

And also advice to help them identify transferable skills, network, and locate job opportunities in their desired field.

June: This edition of “Interview Preparation” will provide advice and tactics to do well in job interviews. 

It will cover researching a potential employer, responding to typical interview queries, and making a good impression.

Here is our editorial calendar for 2023 for Quarter 3

July: This edition of “Careers in Demand” will closely examine the most promising job sectors and the abilities employers are after.

Data on job expansion and remuneration details for specific fields may be included, as well as information on the qualifications requested of prospective employees.

August: This edition of “STEM careers” will cover science, technology, engineering and math professions.

We may feature pieces on the perceived job prospects for particular STEM disciplines.

 Profiles of individuals in STEM roles and advice on beginning a career in that sector.

September:  This edition of “Careers in the Public Sector” will cover career opportunities in the public and non-profit sectors.

We will explore job openings, essential qualifications, and the advantages of working in such organisations.

Here is our editorial calendar for 2023 for Quarter 4

October:  – This edition of “Interview Preparation” will feature individuals involved in creative activities such as design, advertising, and media.

Additionally, it contains advice on constructing a portfolio and locating employment possibilities within the creative industries.

November: This edition of “Careers in the Creative Industries” is designed for stay-at-home parents, retirees, and others wanting to reenter the workforce.

It covers how to tailor your resume, make connections that open up job prospects, and bridge any employment holes on your resume.

December:  This edition of “Careers in the Creative Industries” will guide you towards achieving career goals for the upcoming year.

The editorial calendar for 2023 includes articles on discovering career paths that fit personal interests and capabilities.

Creating a plan for career progression, plus sources for further education and professional enrichment.

Therefore we invite our readers to submit their ideas for content that tie into our editorial topics. 

It is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and be part of the magazine. 

So don’t hesitate to send us your work!

Also, we consistently update our editorial calendar, so keep an eye on it for the newest trends and advancements related to your speciality. 

We are excited to provide you with meaningful content and welcome your opinions. Happy Reading !!