What does the CBSE board exam 2022 mean to students?

What does the CBSE board exam 2022 mean to students?

CBSE board exams 2022, if conducted online.

This is a significant disadvantage for those who do not have access to quality digital infrastructure.

To address these concerns which emerged after the shift to online classes. The CBSE Board issued new guidelines for class X and XII exams.
Instead of one comprehensive exam at the end of the academic year, exams would be conducted at the end of each of two terms in the academic session 2021-22.
Term I exams of 90 minutes will be held in November-December. Term II exams will be held in March-April 2022 at exam centers. One or both of these exams will be in the Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) format.
CBSE board exam 2022 guidelines could impact students in the following ways:
Less time to prepare

Students who aim to gain admission to India’s top colleges need high scores in their Class X and XII exams. For example, the cut-off percentage required to get into St Stephen’s College in Delhi is 99%. Hence, many students study for 12 months in school and tuitions to prepare for the year-end board exams. With the CBSE announcement in July, students have only four months to prepare for the Term 1. Students and teachers are familiar with the previous exam model of long answers to questions instead of the MCQ format. Both issues could impact students’ final scores. It is a significant concern when each percentage will make the difference, between getting into the college of their dreams or not.
Increased pressure
Students may face immense pressure while studying for board exams. This will lead to high-stress levels and health problems due to lack of sleep. Parents may get concerns that children could harbor suicidal thoughts if the pressure gets too much. With the new model, students will have to bear this burden twice in the year.

Study abroad
The admissions deadline for US & UK universities usually ends in January. It will interfere with students CBSE exams in November. And could impact the quality of their college applications.
Students aspiring for foreign universities need to start the college selection and application process. It should start from August to ensure that they complete before November. So there is no clash with their CBSE exams.

Online exams
As was the case last year, these CBSE examinations will likely be held online. It’s a significant disadvantage for rural students or those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. As they may not have access to excellent quality smartphones or fast internet connections compared to their urban peers. This ‘digital divide’ will make it difficult for students to score high in the board exams. And it may affect their future college admission prospects.
Malpractice in exam
Despite online proctoring, students found it easier cheat in online exams than in offline format. In the new exam pattern CBSE has tried to develop the best possible option for students. Considering the limitations of the Covid-19 induced lockdown.
But, with the issues that emerged in a post-pandemic world. CBSE board exam 2022 could be a stopgap arrangement, but board might have to go back to the old examination pattern.

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