Many of us think that there is no career in sports. But this is completely wrong thinking. Many parents don’t allow their children to pursue a career in sports because they think that their children will not have a great career.

But if you are interested and passionate about sports, and if you are not a proper athlete! You have many options available in pursuing a career in sports.

There is an old saying that you won’t be able to earn a living while pursuing a career in sports. But today, everything has changed. There are a wide variety of options available in pursuing a career in sports. Today, sports is no longer considered as playing for fun and relaxation, but it is considered as a very good career opportunity for the future.

The interest of children in sports has increased greatly. But, this interest is not limited only to athletics. As the awareness of careers in sports is growing, the opportunities in the sports career are incredibly increasing.

Sport or sports can be a healthy pass time for many of us. But today, it can be a very satisfying and rewarding career. In India, sports was considered to be a hobby but now, with the change in time, sports is now seen as a serious career option. 

In this article, we will discuss different career opportunities available in sports. Other than that, we will try to give you the best possible knowledge about careers in sports. This knowledge will surely help you decide a perfect career in sports for yourself.


Sport or sports is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills. These skills or maintenance can be obtained through casual or organized participation. Sports not only help to improve physical fitness and skills, but it also provides entertainment to participants, and in some cases, spectators.


 Career in sports not only refers to being an athlete. But, a career in sports refers to any job that is involved with the athletic industry. These jobs can vary from athletic and non-athletic positions. Sports careers include positions for people who work directly with athletes as well as behind the scenes, supporting athletic events.

Let’s know about job options or career options available in sports.


There are unlimited job or career options available in sports, but let’s discuss some of them. Sports jobs or careers discussed below are from different categories. Let’s discuss:-

1. Sports Person – One can decide to follow his or her passion of sports by playing a particular sport or activity as a profession.

There are various sports fields in which you can make your career according to your interests. These fields can be- the most famous Cricket, Boxing, Hockey, Badminton, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cycling, Table Tennis etc.

There are many other fields in which you can make your career. Specifically you can become a Cricketer or a Footballer or a Boxer or a Cyclist etc.

2. Coaching – Coaching is something which is very important for a sports person. Coaches are the person who works with sports persons or athletes or teams and helps them to grow player’s skills and abilities. Nowadays, more and more people are getting aware and realizing the importance of sports, so the demand for coaches is also increasing.

As India is performing well in sports at all the international levels, more and more parents are getting attracted to sports. And also, Coaches and their assistants are responsible for motivating their teams to perform their best.

Coaches monitor each and every competitor and also each and every player of his or her team and develop strategies that will help his or her team to win.

3. Athletic Director – An athletic director is a person who is head of the athletic department of a university, college or high school that handles all or most of the department’s daily operations.

They are also responsible for managing funds. Which means creating and maintaining budgets. They are also responsible for making traveling arrangements and also have to supervise the staff. They also have to manage public relations.

4. Event Coordinator – An event coordinator is a person who is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing sporting events in the industry.

They work closely with the people who are responsible for security, concession stands, ticketing and other people who are responsible for extra duties to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Also, most of the sporting events are televised, the event coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the television viewers have a positive experience.

5. Exercise Physiologist – An exercise physiologist is a medical professional. They help athletes to improve their health. They develop training plans to help athletes reach their maximum performance abilities.

They also have the knowledge of recovering athletes from injuries and also prevent injuries. Exercise physiologist focuses on a particular area of an athlete’s abilities. For example- their cardiovascular function or flexibility.

Exercise physiologists help people perform exercises that boost flexibility, cardiovascular function and overall body composition. Some exercise physiologists help design sports gear that athletes wear while playing and training.

6. Referee – A sports referee is a person who has qualified for an examination for becoming a sports professional. Sports referees are the professionals who officiate competitive sports games. A referee ensures that everything goes in a systematic way in the game of a particular sports event.

This position involves judging infractions, monitoring the safety of players, deciding on penalties, keeping track of time and also ensuring that all the players adhere to the rules. As the sports game differs, the referees also differ.

For example- a cricket referee cannot judge a football referee. In a dispute, the referee makes the ultimate decision.

7. Sports Anchor – There is also a chance of getting into sports through the media. A sports anchor is a person who discusses or shares sports related news on sports channels and news programs.

Sports Anchor can be of any particular sport or may be familiar with a wide variety of sports. Sports anchors are sometimes responsible for interviewing influential sports figures, athletes and coaches as part of their sports program.