How to Pursue a Fashion Career: Different Fashion Careers


Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! It is everywhere and in everything. Are you a person who has all details about what is in fashion and what is not? Are you a person who has a lot of interest in fashion? Are you a person who wants to gain more knowledge about fashion? Then building a career in fashion will be beneficial for you.

The Fashion Industry is a very vast industry. The Fashion Industry has so many opportunities for those who want to showcase their creativity in diverse and exciting ways. The fashion industry is all about having a sensibility of creativity and style with the blend of aesthetic sensibilities and originality.

It is right to say that the fashion industry is a very glamorous industry. Every second, there is something new that is created by the team with a high level of creativity and originality.

There are a lot of young individuals who dream of being in the fashion industry.

In this article, you will get to know about different types of fashion careers available for the young and enthusiastic candidates. So, if you are interested in knowing about the various career options available in the fashion industry, keep on reading the article.

How to Start Pursuing a Career in Fashion Industry

To start up with your career in the fashion industry, you have to follow few steps: –

  1. Take up admission according to your interests.
  2. Side by side with your graduation, start taking up internships.
  3. Complete your graduation. 
  4. You can also go up for post-graduation.
  5. Take up a job. And try to reach your goals.

Different Fashion Careers

There are various opportunities in the fashion industry. You will get to know about the following career opportunities one by one. So, let’s start:

Fashion Designer

One of the most famous careers in the fashion industry is becoming a Fashion Designer. The main work of a fashion designer is to design clothing, accessories and footwear. Their work includes sketching designs and selecting fabrics, patterns etc.

Sometimes fashion designers have to work according to the client’s needs and requirements. Some of the famous fashion designers are- Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi and many more.

Some of the best institutes to study fashion designing are- NIFT (various institutions all over India), Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bengaluru), Indian School of Design and Innovation (Mumbai), Symbiosis Institute of Design (Pune) and many more.

Textile Designer

Textile designing is another career in the fashion industry which has a good scope is texting designing. Textile Designers develop the fabrics and illustrate or use CAD software to create designs that can be printed on different types of fabrics. The main work of a textile designer is to design fabrics and non-fabric stuff.

Fabric stuff includes clothing material such as- cotton, tie & die, woven materials etc. Non fabric materials include- wallpapers used in our homes or offices, wrapping papers etc.

Textile Designers work closely with fashion designers and merchandisers to create textile designs that suit the seasons, clothing styles or material and the customer.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is another career in the fashion industry which is very famous among the youngsters. The main work of a graphic designer is to combine computer aided designs and hand drawing together to form a graphic image that is printed on the garments. Graphic designers develop visually-pleasing graphics.

They have a strong sense of color selection. Also, they are often limited to eight colors. They develop designs on CAD Software. Or they can also draw with their hand and further transfer their designs into CAD Software.

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designers are behind whatever jewelry you wear. Jewelry designers can design any ornament like- different types of earrings, different varieties of rings, different types of necklaces, different varieties of bangles, and many more. They also have to keep in mind the market trends and market demand.

In India, without jewelry, the occasion is not fulfilled. So, there is great demand for this career in the fashion industry. Some of the famous jewelers are- Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Amrapali Jewels, Kalyan Jewelers, P.C. Chandra Jewelers, Senco Gold, Tanishq and many more.

Some of the best institutes to study Jewelry designing are- Indian Institute of Gems & Jewelry (New Delhi), Manipal University (Jaipur), Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology (Bangalore), National Institute of Jewelry (Ahmedabad) and many more.

Accessory Designer

Accessories! Accessories are the best things to add up to your style. Accessories include- handbags, footwear, sunglasses, belts, scarves, hats, necklaces etc. and many more. No doubt adding accessories to your outfit can make you look more decent sometimes and even more glamorous sometimes, according to the occasion.

Like all other designers, an accessory designer has to keep in mind all the new trends while designing accessories. These designers can use CAD software to develop designs or even their hand sketches. This brand of fashion industry is growing rapidly and has a good scope in future.

Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist is another good option for pursuing a career in the fashion industry. The main work of a personal stylist is to advise an individual on what would look good on him or her. Personal Stylists keep in mind things such as- skin complexion, body posture or body language, body shape and many more factors they consider.

They also keep in mind an individual’s clothing style and advise accordingly. Basically, a Personal Stylist is a person who works on their client’s image and tries to build up an attractive and glamorous look for them.

Some of the best institutes to become a personal stylist in the fashion industry are- First Impression (Multiple Locations), Sterling Style Academy (Mumbai), Image Consulting Business Institute (Multiple Locations) and many more.

Fashion Business Management

Fashion Business Management is a good field for those who want to work in the field of fashion as well as marketing and business. The main work of a fashion business manager is to do research about the latest fashion and trends in the market & predict the success of products among customers.

The main work of a fashion business manager is to maintain the brand value of the product through various advertisements and media. Other work of a fashion business manager is- to promote products through visual marketing campaigns, develop innovative and effective marketing strategies, etc. and many more. 

Also, as a fashion business manager, you should always come up with various ideas to promote the product. One of the ways to promote the product is to use social media marketing which can be helpful for success for the product globally.