Career Hackathon’ 21 ​

Career hackathon 21


National Career Counsellors Network Presents Career Hackathon’ 21.

Which will be held on: –

Date – 17. December. 2021

Place – India International Centre, New Delhi

With the successful progress of the last two years, we are happy to announce the 3rd edition of Career Hackathon i.e. Career Hackathon’ 21.

About Career Hackathon

Career Hackathon is a quest to bring together higher & K12 education representatives and mentors to collaborate on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counseling practices focused on student success. With the current and unprecedented changes facing the workforce, the 3rd Annual Careers Education & Guidance Summit, delivered in partnership with National Career Counsellors Network and Career Beacon, will bring together careers professionals to discuss how to deliver support to young people and adults in uncertain times.

Our event emphasizes making Counselling practices more focused on student success. As workforce changes have become unpredictable, with the current situation of pandemics, our event will guide young people and adults. We will bring you the best career professionals who will guide you in the best possible way.

We help you to: –

UNLOCK – Insight into different approaches to careers provision which you can implement in your own organization or in your individual Practices.

We give you a broader approach so that you can unlock more career provisions that will help you individually or your own organization.

COLLABORATE – Contribute your thoughts and share your experience in open discussion rooms, interact with speakers at the exclusive collaboration track.

We give you the freedom to express your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with our educational professionals.

CELEBRATE – Celebratory in nature, the Excellence awards energizes and encourages colleagues in their admirable dedication to students and advocacy in career and college counseling.

Excellence awards encourage and appreciate the dedication towards career and college counseling. Once you are appreciated, you will have more dedication towards students. This gives us a chance to celebrate.

Be a part of Career Hackathon’ 21

Be a Speaker

We are seeking: – 


We are looking for speakers from industry professionals with experience in Academia, Overseas & Domestic Admissions, assessments, Skill Councils and Scholarships.

We prefer high quality vendor-neutral speakers. Our main focus is on the future specification, development, assessment, certification products, services, and Counsellors. We prefer proposals from front-line implementers. Vendors are encouraged to recruit clients and Universities, School Heads & Career Coaches who are front-line implementers as speakers.

In short, we need a speaker who is already an educational professional, who can provide high quality content and can meet our event requirements.

Benefits of Speaking at Career Hackathon

As a speaker, you’ll receive complimentary full 1-day conference registration, (Worth Rs 35,000/-). Your name, photo, professional biography, and organization will be featured in Career Hackathon’ 21 promotion and the conference website. For any questions, please contact us at: –


Our event is dedicated to building an engaged community of Career Counsellors in India. If you are interested in participating in our upcoming event, do get in touch with us.

We wish to encourage our career counselors and appreciate them for making efforts and making the students more knowledgeable.

Nomination Charges


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Pre & Post Sessions with Partners

Counselling Slot in Career Hackathon’ 21




Pre & Post Sessions with Partners

One Featured Article

Surprise Gift during the event




Counselling Opportunities

Digital Marketing Support

50% Annual Advertorial in Education Magazine

5 Featured Videos




Counselling Slot in Career Fair

Award Nomination

One Page Advertisement

3 Months Digital Marketing Support

Sponsor Us

Career Hackathon 21 helps to get noticed by industry leaders, senior decision-makers, and qualified buyers with our attractive Sponsorship Packages.

It provides an exclusive opportunity to brand and host with the organizations looking forward to working with Colleges, Schools, and Career Counsellors.

Sponsoring this Career Hackathon’ 21 is also a direct expression of support for the individuals who work with students and counsel them every day.

This means that if you sponsor us, you get an opportunity to expand your work opportunities. This will help you to grow your business. On the other hand, you are supporting an event that is doing a kind of social work by guiding students.

Who Attends –  

  • Academic/Non-Profit/Other (22%)
  • Schools & Institutions (14%)
  • Career Counsellors (34%)
  • Students & Freshers (21%)
  • EdTech & End-User (9%) 

Sponsorship Categories

Custom SpeakingIntegrate your presentation into the event schedule reaching a targeted audience within a featured area conference room or private space.

Custom speaking means that reaching out the audience who is interested in a conference room. Private space will help you to reach targeted audience more effectively.

Branding – Highlight the presence of your company at an event by showcasing your brand in a high-traffic location and making your brand a destination.

Branding refers to speaking out loud about your company and its services. Make your company a center of attraction. This will help you to gain more brand value.

Lead Generation – Receive measurable and meaningful ROI by obtaining qualified leads from attendees, viewers, or readers.

You will surely receive what you have put in. We offer you meaningful ROI by qualified leads from attendees, viewers, or readers. This will increase your brand value as well.

Outreach – Connect with an audience before, during, or after any event by utilizing a variety of print or digital options such as email marketing, impression-based retargeting programs.

We specialize in developing marketing plans. We provide you with a sample of a solution-oriented marketing plan. We can help you to grow.


This is an exciting opportunity for the mentors, educators and professionals to gain recognition. We identify and promote excellence in career development. To raise the profile of Individual Career Coaches and the members of the National Career Counsellors Network.

Our aim is to award those who are exceptionally best in the field of career development and education and have passion to educate and guide students.

Award Categories

Mentor AwardsThis will be awarded to individuals demonstrating and creating an impact. Any Professional or Exceptional Leader may apply.

If you have done something that has created an impact or is creating an impact, NCCN Excellence Awards2021 is your place where you can get recognized for the work you have done.

K12 Awards  – Recognize the Peak performing Standalone School/Institution delivering high levels or making significant improvements in achievement, showcasing best practices.

If your school/institution is delivering high levels of education or has improved significantly, you need to nominate yourself for NCCN Excellence Awards 2021 to get appreciated for the success.

Higher Education Awards – Emerging higher education institutions less than 5 years old in any field, or the Institutes running online education courses are also Eligible.

If your institution is less than 5 years old or running online education, and you provide the remarkably best education, NCCN Excellence Awards 2021 is the place to nominate yourself.

Skill Learning Awards – Individual/Institute meeting up skill requirements with real-time modules & learning solutions, enabling employment opportunities.

If you have provided employment opportunities with a skilled workforce and have managed real-time modules and learning solutions, you must apply for NCCN Excellence Awards 2021.

Start-Up Awards – Any Startup which provides services to Mentors, Schools, or Higher Education institutions may apply.

If you have a startup that provides a quality service experience to mentors, schools, or higher education institutions, this NCCN Excellence Awards 2021 can give you way more opportunities to work for the same.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to receive an individual best practice Award, you must be a certified Career Counsellor, HR Professional, Coach (Across Industry & Domain) Entrants to the Career Programmed in Special Schools/Colleges; Career Related Learning in Primary Schools and Innovative and Impactful Employer Engagement Activity best practice Awards can be any institution.

Nomination For Award

1. Timelines
Entry Closes – 20th November 2021

2. Shortlisting
21st November 2021

3. Jury
3rd December 2021

4. Voting
9th December 2021

5. Awards
17th December 2021

We humbly want you to attend our event. So that it can be helpful for students, mentors, and Career Counsellors, and with the help of NCCN Excellence Awards 2021 you can get recognition for the excellent work you have done.