Design Your career

Design Your career as the main wheel of Life.

I’m Going to share a few things about career Blueprint and Modeling

Career Blueprint

1. A career blueprint is a Spiritual, self-expression, significance of life, and strategic exercise wherein you start with an exploration of the personal facets, working styles, Leadership abilities of your human design… Lost of past, clutters and traditional barriers hold individuals on this journey…

2. This is followed by a detailed grasp of the journey, initial ideas behind the work initiatives, how the vision was manifested, and an understanding of where are the gaps and the untapped powers that are within the human potential.

3. Alongside this you need to explore the business ecosystem of the county or region and its changing needs of the marketplace, the emerging demands of customers in this space and how you can deploy yourself, what you need to adapt to cater to the needs of your organization…

4. This is explored deeper in terms of what are the restraints that prevent you from unlocking its true potential- and thereby taking a view of what is the real potential that you can achieve if the constraints are removed

5. After this inward scan, you examine the essence deeper- who you are, what level of relationship you enjoy, what are the other needs from you… what your family demands and grants …

6. From here you try to identify additional revenue models and value offerings that can be created directly or indirectly by experts and offered to the audience we have access to as well as the size of the opportunity and the resources and initiatives we need to ensure for this to happen

7. You also consider the need to reorient the company in light of future opportunities. it may address the needs of you, your family, and your profession to play your way and how to operate, financial, sops, resource enablers can support the development.

8. This exercise is thereafter layered with research and market trend analysis and finally translated into a presentation that clearly outlines opportunities that need to be prioritized by You. Simultaneously with a series of time-bound actions led by specific actions to enable the achievement of the broad vision.

9. Few actions you take after career blueprint is   Know the essence of life to build a cordial relationship with the people around you. Enables you to operate at the highest level of Leadership… Take baby steps to discover inner potential and strengths  tap your subconscious mind for a higher level of development. Some habits formed and removed through brain training  Redefine Your Life… for best balance.