Your Child can be a GENIUS

Your child can be a genius.

All he needs is some practice and a little bit of inspiration. Book gives great parenting tips… Let us review it with Ms Padmapriya Arunkumar, on 9th Jan 2020 at 4:30 PM.

Most of us believe that geniuses are rare, and only a few children are born with that potential. Many children have the potential of developing genius, and Every child has far more potential than comes to the surface under normal circumstances. The secret is to create conditions that enable the child to discover and express their full potential.
“Young children have an incredible capacity for learning,” says Aruna Raghavan. “They can learn to read multiple languages with ease at a very young age, even before entering school.
Author Aruna Raghavan is an eminent educationist who runs a school in rural India called Shikshayatan.

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