Ms Kareena Bhambhani Educator Podar International School, ICSE, Mumbai will review the book that emerged from practical insights for one has experienced most of the situations, heard those comments, for over a decade? Having spoken to so many moms and couples too, the author thought it is necessary to put all their experiences in a book and thus ONE & DONE took shape.

1)ONE & DONE talks about the implications that might follow having an only child and how SINGLE children’s PARENTS can deal with it.

2)If you are tired of answering those relentless questions, you want your only child to be sharing, caring, and other aspects for the healthy growth of a child, then this book presents some amazing ideas to handle the same.

3) This book will help you bust the myths about the only child- being rude or introverted, lonely, and many more.

4)The book mentions how spirituality can contribute to raising an only child in its full potential.

5) For the newly wedded couple who is stepping towards a family way, this book touches on most aspects of raising a single child and make family planning decisions with a positive mindset, also keeping the global conditions in mind.

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